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Rumour File

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nobby, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. A mate of mine was telling me yesterday about his brother, who is a minor petty official in a regional council office. He attended one of those think tank sessions that government bodies like to call training sessions. Anyway another petty official (female) at this training session suggested that all government vehicles should be fitted with voice activated recording devices so that they could record registration numbers of vehicles involved in traffic infringements. AND the worst part is, most of those present agreed with her. Imagine being dobbed in by the local dogcatcher or bog bin emptier.
    Mind you, this is Victoria and we do have an election looming... coffers will need filling.

  2. Some people don't deserve or know how to use power.
  3. I doubt that that idea will come to fruition. Giving every government worker the power to record traffic infringements has the potential for abuse, and will be heavily fought against by the public.
  4. Cops wouldn't be interested. TINs are easy to give out and hard to fight in court.

    Investigating the claims of council staff alone would represent 100 times the work of a normal TIN. Getting a conviction in court would be 10 times as hard.

    never going to happen
  5. And just think of the number of council vehicles that would then be dobbed in :)
  6. Why stop at local government officials? I mean, if we are going to give the authority to issue penalties to untrained, randomly selected, potentially biased individuals, why not just give it to EVERYONE?!
  7. I would think that she would be referring to the council-issued parking fines (that provides council with money) not TINs that have no impact on council.

    Like those dead-shit ****wit wanker morons that issue them (incorrectly) for Booroondara City Council and then the council rejects the multiple appeals after clearly not reading them...leaving the only option to go to court, which I do not have time to do. Corruption or ineptitude, who knows which one is the cause.

    Anyhoo...happy place...happy place... :LOL:
  8. A serving Police officer issuing a TIN based on personal observation would be hard to fight. In the case of these recordings I think any good lawyer could bring such doubt on the trail of evidence of an uncontrolled recording that they would be worthless. I wouldn't be worried about this.
  9. They would not have a knowledge of the road laws and as such their evidence would be null and void.
  10. Nothing a simple on line training course couldn't fix Smee.
  11. You mean an on-line training curse for the simple don't you? :)
  12. Curse you on-line training!
  13. we do. It's the litter line
  14. As it stands the evidence has to be more than just a voice recording. If the recording was audio/video and capturing the offending vehicle on video, then that might be difficult to contest, once the police had it in their hands. Of course, the police would need to consider its worth if they were to proceed.

    But as others have said, it's the power that some limp dick on an average wage, with an average intelligence, working (and I use the term loosely) in an average job has or thinks that he or she has.
  15. Look at history and the horrors caused by Dobbing in people, You dont like,
    The Spanish Inquistion started that way,
    Germany before and during the second world war, what it caused
    Dob in strangers,your neigbor, your Brother, sister, mother, father. your whole family, They all must have done something to upset you at some time, This dobbing is a good way to nail them back, and to get even,
    Any one on the road that gives you grief, Dob them in, Very soon there wont be any one on the road, including you, The police force will be redundant as every one will be in jail.
  16. Most likely council parking fines, not police traffic fines.
  17. Uh oh...