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Rumble Strips

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I popped into Chatswood RTA in Sydney this afternoon to transfer the ownership of my new bike, and there were people handing out questionaires about rumble strips for the RTA. I took one and filled it in. I have no idea who thinks up these questions, but only 1 related to bikes and that was Q1 "Please check the box for the type of vehicle(s) you use". There were about 3 or 4 questions relating to driving while over the limit and rumble strips, i.e. do they help your driving when you are over the limit, etc. Maybe its an indirect way of the RTA to determine how many people actually drunk drive. There was no option in those particular questions to say 'I don't drink and drive', it was almost assumed that you do! Is it just me or is the fact that there are those types of questions included just wrong! Anyway, there was no mention of the effect to bikes, so there was a section at the end for general comments on rumble strips and I mentioned that they pose a greater risk to bikes than painted white lines, especially when wet.

  2. Took a ride out to Ararat today and discovered that the RTA is trialling the use of rumble strips on the centre of a section of road with double white lines. Guess the RTA needs a questionnaire on whether rumble strips down the centreline makes it more difficult to illegally overtake slow moving vehicles :)
  3. Forgive me, but what the bejesus are rumble strips?
  4. They are also known as "Vibraline" the noisy raised blobs of paint that are at the edges of the freeways that are supposed to wake drivers up that have dozed off and are heading for the median strip.

    They are similar in theory to the raised sections of coloured bitumen as you approach intersections in the country to also warn you of an impending intersection, only these run across the width of the lane as opposed to marking out the "end of the road" so to speak.
  5. The full width sections of raised bitumen are also commonly used on very long straights of road often just before bends to wake drivers up and remind them that it's time they actually did something. Of course it would make sense to locate these near a rest area so that drivers that are half asleep could pull over but this often isn't the case.
  6. Roight, thanks.

    Didn't know what they were called.
  7. There a fairly famous/notorious approx. 50m stretch of these down at the back of Frankston way at the end of the (I think it is?) Frankston-Flinders Rd? Been around for many years and famous because I think they were the first in AUS? Anyways, raised paint colouring across the entire lane about 20m? apart to make drivers aware of coming intersection. Wouldn't like to come onto them on a cold and wet night on the bike ... can only imagine what the slippery wet paint would be like on the bike under braking if you didn't take it mighty easy.
  8. Ohh is that what they are. On the Monash after Warragul Rd (towards city) there's this bit of road on the right lane where all of the sudden it's starts to get bumpy, like little ripples on the road. When I first went through them, I thought something was wrong with my bike saying 'why is it spluttering?'
  9. they have also started to paint them closer together the nearer you get to the intersection, corner whatever.

    in theory it will make people brake harder as they still think they are going quite fast (audio and optical illusion)
  10. actually....isn't it in Coolart rd just before Coolart rd intersects
    with the Frankston Flinders Rd?
    they are slippery in a car, murderous on a bike :(
  11. Slippery on a bike? What in the jesus ach christ! are you doing riding on the fcuking things anyhow, They're on the shoulder of the road and you should be in your lane. Methinks! you should be taking more care out there, not buggerising around on vibro strips or fdn't fdnt's (reflectors in the middle of roads) :LOL: