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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, May 16, 2012.

  1. Ok, so I was reflecting on the scotch thread. I am a big fan of the finer scotches, got a couple in my cupboard. But I am also a fan of the finer rums too.

    Now when we go sailing, its almost always Bundy. My boat has a really god stash of it. Yup, good to get pissed on if you mix it with coke or lemonade, but pretty rugged if you want to sip it on ice. Being a yachtie, refrigeration is not always handy, cold drinks run out, ice melts. So you are forced to sip on rum, and this is where the bundy gets put away, unless you are desperate, which occasionally happens.

    On my boat, there is always a Pussers 15 year old. Very nice. Now I am not well versed in the rums, cause decent ones are hard to find in Brisbane. But the 2 less common finer rums that I purchase are The Pussers of course, and Pyrat. There is a bottle of Pryat Cask 1623 sitting in my fave bottle shop at the moment, I am tempted to go buy but I am scared to ask the price.

    So any rum drinkers here of the finer variety, what is you fave?
  2. I don't mind Captain Morgan...and he's a pirate so should definitely be on your boat
  3. Yeh, rum (bundy) and coke takes the edge off the day sharpish like. Couldn't touch it straight.
  4. Not much of a Rum drinker but I do like Captain Morgans as well. The Original Spiced or Original Spiced Gold. And I like their company motto "To Life, Love and Loot." ;)
  5. I like the white rums so i can get loaded on fancy arse drinks like mojitis
  6. I have a litre of OP Bundy sitting in my stash along with my scotches.
    My gf is from QLD so got on the dirty bundy & cola cans up there at christmas. Was a good change to beer up there in the sun. Still, I couldn't do it all of the time.
    When I was younger I used to get on the Bundy and cokes at the Greenwood. Goodtimes.

    These days I don't drink a lot of rum, but I do agree that Captain Morgans Spiced rum is awesome. I usually drink Bundy. I picked up a bottle of the local stuff when I was on a surf trip in Fiji a couple of years ago, I think that was called Bounty or something. It was ok.
    Have had a few Bacardi's but I usually can't remember those nights, so I don't know if I like it or not...
  7. I've tried a few brands but nothing in the fine variety although my favorite rum of ALL times is an Indian dark rum known as 'Old Monk'.

    Just thinking & writing about it here brings a smile to my face. Have so many memories associated (some good ones & some not so good :) with it.

    Comes in standard 7 year old & a more expensive 12 year old version but I prefer the 7 year old.

    See if you can get hold of if here & try it with cola. Melbourne tonight is the perfect night for Old Monk. Yumm. An evening spent with old friends & old monk is always special. :)
  8. Try Mount Gay Extra Old Rum. The man pulling the pints behind the bar at Yorkey's Knob Yacht Club just outside of Cairns put us on to it, (they like to knock the Bundyites the further north you get) it's got a smooth spicey flavour, slighty thck like a good rum should be and according to our expert behind the bar, it's matured in Bourbon casks to add that extra bit of flavour..

    Not too pricey either
  9. Sorry
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  12. He said Knob heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehe!

    Bet you got some great stories from when you were at band camp :D:D:D
  13. For sipping neat - agreed Mount Gay, or Appleton ( 3 ages to choose from :angel:).
    For knocking your socks off in one go Inner Circle Black label Silver dot ( 89% LOL) it was Aussie but now made in Fiji ](*,)
  14. Another vote here for Capt Morgan.
  15. What sort of boat do you have,

    Bundaberg 10 year old Rum, Its black and very smooth, Twice the price of red,

    But a very nice drop,
  16. Bundaberg five has been going quite well ;)
  17. This is me. Cant stand the other bogan shit
  18. My old man was Royal Navy, so I was brought up on a steady diet of Rum and Port, often in the same glass.

    As for brands of rum, Capt Morgan is a favourite, but basically the darker the better.
  19. And, I assume, custard powder in the cocoa when a non-alcoholic beverage was called for :D.
  20. Several, but the one that has the rum on is a Binks 25.

    Found out the price of the pyrat by doing some internet research, roughly $400 :eek: