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NSW Rules regarding displaying P plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jayzee, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. With another set flying off, I want to just duct tape the plates on. What are the rules regarding visibility of the p plate, e.g. visible from 'x' meters. I want to tape it under my tail - where some Americans place their license plate. Is this a no go?


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  2. Reckon that would attract adverse attention from the polis
  3. Hmm maybe, but would they be able to fine me? The plates would be there, just not all the noticeable when standing behind the bike (in a car no problem)
  4. Even if they can't but do you would then need to go to court to defend. But suspect they would argue it isn't clearly visible
  5. I always carry spare plates and cable ties, so if they try and pin me I could just chuck the spare on. I have seen the undertail p plate before on a supermoto though - I'll just wait and see if someone familiar with the law regarding plates chimes in.
  6. LOL you'll attract cranky cops.

    just put your plates flat.. get a little bit of sheet metal that is wide enough for your licence plate and the P plate, and bolt on under the licence plate
    then you never need to worry.. ever...

    cops just see that and go "yup, there's a fkwit, let's see what we can ping him on"
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  7. Yeah but with that, "in such a manner as to be clearly visible and not to in any way obscure the letter ā€œPā€ on the sign when viewed from behind the motor bike or motor trike", it doesn't state how far behind - I guess that's just up to the copper to decide aye
  8. there are rules and angles from which the plate must be visible. ie angles and distance
    the rules for licence plate must apply for the P plate also?

    however, this may not be the letter of law, and you are free to challenge said laws at your own expense :)
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  9. Yeah I know there are rules for license plates just wasn't sure if they carried over to p plates - I get my greens soon so I'll try it then with more demerit points to spare. If anyone has tried the position stated please comment, especially if you were fined
  10. Which part? Why ask people to comment - so I know if people have gotten done before. Why would I try it when I get my greens - more d points to spare. Why try it at all - more secure, aesthetic purposes.

    But if I hear people's negative experiences I might just opt for the metal bracket you mentioned
  11. secure is easy, aesthetic.. that's up to you and nothing to do with the law.. :)
    P plate is about giving you a break from the expectations of a full licence holder... why try and shortcut it because you're ashamed of the P-plate? take advantage of it :)
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  12. this is what I can find - "A green P plate must be clearly displayed on the back of the motorcycle. The letter on the plate must not be hidden or covered."

    "Have a P plate displayed (red P on a white background) clearly on the rear of the motorcycle. The letter P on the plate must not be hidden"
    Rider provisional P1 licence

    the rms site has a lot of information regarding the display and placement of number plates but it seems there is a lot of grey regarding p-plates with most comments along the lines of 'make sure the plate is visible and no part of the P is obscured'.

    I think if you want to stash it somewhere that it's hard to see then go for it but you may just attract the wrong attention and if you have loud pipes this may just invite a ticket. either way it's your licence so I say go for it. I've not seen anyone display them in the manner you referred to and think there may be a good reason for that.
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  13. Thanks for searching around, I'll probably just go up to a hwp doing speed checks in the suburbs when I'm on my bone stock commuter bike and see what they say
  14. please video and post to youtube :)
  15. Excellent question.
  16. Regardless of vagueness in the road rule, if a motorist behind you can't easily see it you're risking a fine. Up to the cop to determine and a magistrate to verify if you want to try your luck.
    After all, the purpose of the L or P plate is so other motorists can tell you're a novice and give you more space and extra patience (so I've heard).
  17. my guess would be so that people won't know he's a p-plater, why else would you obscure it? p-plates probably aren't cool. :rolleyes:
  18. P-plates are all about the fuzz harshing your cool...

    conversely... people expect you to do dick moves on your P-plates.....
    so really, you can get away with more hooliganism and people will just shake their heads rather than trying to run you down :p

    make the most of it :) (plus, they're all jealous that you are still young enough to need P-plates :p )