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Rules of thumb (Engineering, clacs, life, etc, etc)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Well sort of inspired by Joels and Carri's thread, and with a smack in the memory area from the clutch in/out thread i thought this might be of help to people.

    So, with all the clever people here what are some rules of thumb and/or guestimating, calculating, type thingys.
  2. I'll kick off from my bearing life referance on another thread.

    L10 or T10 bearing life (where L= life or T = time)

    10% of the bearings made will exceed design life by 10 times.
    10% of the bearings made will fail at 1/10th of design life.

  3. I before E except after C
  4. Hold your hand out horizontally at arm's length. The number of handwidths from sun to horizon = number of daylight hours left in the day. Fascinating hey? :grin:
  5. The distance between your wrist and elbow is equal to your foot. :eek:
  6. The numerical value between transposed figures is always divisable by 9.

    eg. difference between 67/76 is 9... 32 /23 is also 9... and so on.

    I learnt this rule of thumb way back in the dark ages before computers reconcilled spread sheets. if any of my spread sheets where out of whack by 9 or divisable by 9 I always knew I had entered a transposed figure.
  7. Always heard it never tried it... Til now, I wonder if I was the only one? :roll: neat!
  8. Also except after R in rein and V in vein ... :? :LOL: :LOL:
  9. wise advice that my father tought me.... just nod and smile
  10. Be nice to your mother.
  11. "no, really that'll hold!"
  12. It will never fly orvil

    :-k now I think about it, honestly,who the hell is called Orvil?or indeed has ever known someone called Orvil?apart from the fathers of modern flight of coarse :grin:
  13. The bigger the job, the bigger the hammer.
  14. There are two types of people in this world, good blokes and dickheads. The secret to success is being able to spot the difference.
  15. An old favourite:

    You will only ever need two tools. If it moves and it shouldn't, use gaffa tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use a hammer.
  16. Does that equal hand span too? Cause mine's the same aswell.
  17. I must have small hands, cos it didn't work for me :?
  18. Not even him. :grin: He would of course be called Orville Wright :LOL: There are definitely people going by the name Orvil, just not one of the fathers of flight!
  19. For the boys: The tip of your index finger to wrist is directly proportionate, in most cases, to your 5th limb.

    Lucky I have big hands :grin:
  20. Hmm, just measure... hands

    Can you beat a 27cm hand span? ;)