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Rules for posting/topics in Classifieds section

Discussion in 'Archived' started by vic, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. BikeSales posting rules are as follows:

    The following is not allowed in the Netrider Classifieds' forums:

    * Posts that are 1 or 2 lines with no details
    * Posting links to eBay ad's (or other classifieds media) for items you are selling*
    * Images within signatures

    This classifieds section is not intended for people to promote or link to your existing ad/auction on another site.*

    You must include full details of your bike - model, year, rego, condition, location, price, accessories, etc. Your text must not be in capitals to draw attention to your ad. Failure to adhere to this rule will have your posted deleted as soon as it is found and no explanation will be offered.

    Posts that are 1 or 2 lines with no details will be deleted. Posts that promote your bike on another classifieds website will be deleted. We do not allow promotional posts for your other auctions/listings.*

    Posts "bumping" will be deleted. "tell em he's dreaming" posts will also be deleted

    Pic's of the bike are usually the first thing asked for. Using the post image function is the best in all situations. It results in a nice size thumbnail, allowing the user to click to see full size, if required. Use the "manage attachments" function in the advanced view. Click on this and a pop-up window will appear. Browse your local disk and select the image. Click the 'Upload It!' button.

    If you use the tag function instead, ensure that the pics are of reasonable size.

    Please restrict the use of inline images to a [B]maximum of 5 per add.[/B]

    If you want to show any more than that, use the [url] tags to link to a photo hosted on photo site. Url's that link through to pictures hosted on an auction site are not allowed.*

    [I]All images within posts should be relevant and applicable to the topic of your post.[/I]

    Thanks for understanding.

    * Classified section sponsor site excluded.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.