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Rules for filling up at Petrol Station

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TK300, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'm a little confused as to what the rules are.

    I like to sit on my bike while filling as I can see the fuel level being flat rather than slanted if tilted on a stand.

    Happened to me twice already,
    After the first time I thought it was because you had to remove your helmet.
    Today the nice lady at the cashier tells me its because if I spill petrol on my clothes and someone flicks a cigarette then I'm toast.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
    Is this the case? or shall I just go fill up elsewhere.

  2. The rules are whatever the servo says they are. Yes, some are silly, but it's a privately owned business. I prefer to leave my helmet on - it's a flip face, and I flip the face up. I also make sure my purse is out, and I don't conceal myself. Most of the time it's ok, but some operators will object to me coming in to pay with it on, and a couple have told me to take it off at the pump. I try to avoid those, but unfortunately one of them is a popular ride start point (Ring Rd Maccas).
  3. Servos do not allow this. You would not need to have the stand down, then you lose your balance or your foot slips and now you're pinned under your bike with fuel pissing out everywhere. Bad idea.

    Most of them will not activate the pump unless you are off the bike.
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  4. Just get off your bike & take off your helmet.

    I dunno why people make such a big deal of it. Is it really that hard? Is it really such an infringement on your rights? Most places have a clear sign that says to remove your helmet. Especially these days when so many places are getting robbed.
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  5. Yeah I dont know any servo that lets people fuel up their bike while sitting on it.

    I've only been asked to remove my helmet before putting in fuel once. Ever. In fcuking Hobart of all places.
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  6. Just stay on the bike, leave your helmet on and pump away while sucking on a ciggie and talking on your mobile.

    Its a free country and your a big tough motorcyclist, so give the man the middle finger as you don't need to conform and follow stupid rules.:cool:

    Just don't do it while Im around, ok!:p
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  7. cool it dudes
    its not his fault hes from Queensland
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  8. I put my bike on the stand but leave my helmet on when I fill up and go to pay (it's just easier) and have never had a problem.

    It comes down to the operator I guess, as they have certain OH&S and safety standards, so don't want to risk it. If they see a potential hazard they are likely to pull you up for it.
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  9. #9 TK300, Feb 6, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2016
    I have had this thought replayed over and over in my head many times :rolleyes:
    Suppose can't be too pushy being a skinny dude on a beginner bike.
    I mean who am I to stir the pot over 17 dollars fuel.

    Just wanted to see if it was the norm, no sweat guys
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  10. It's just that this has been discussed many time before. Just don't start a new nodding thread....
    Welcome BTW.
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  11. Most servos don't know why they have this rule. However my bike mechanic said that filling too much might cause expansion in the heat and that was to be avoided. Owner's manuals also advise against overfilling.
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    That has nothing to do with it.

    Fuel expands at the same rate whether you use the side stand or not and you can overfill even if you use the sidestand.

    The petrol company has no idea if you are going to take your full tank home and let it sit in the shed ( where expansion from overfilling could cause spillage with a change of temps) or use it straight away.

    Its simply about having control of the sheople.

    Well get it out of your head mate, because the rules are pretty crystal!

    You need to get off the bike, take off your helmet and fill while not talking on your phone and not smoking. If you really don't want to conform, the solution is to get yourself a 20ltr jerry can, take it to the servo in your car to fill it and then when your bike needs fuel, refill it at home while sitting on the bike with your helmet on.
    e bike

    Just remember to make sure the jerry can is on the ground when you fill it at the servo though as they frown at you if you try to fill it in your boot/back seat or the back of a ute. Rule are rules you know!
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  13. Yep there have been enough people pulling the nozzle back to see the fuel level who have pulled it back too far under full flow resulting in fuel poured ON TO the tank... or just losing situational awareness as the tank overflows... or other reasons... and the fuel flows over the sides, into your crotch and onto the hot engine and it's BBQ'd private bits... hello ambulance and insurance.

    Here's one prepared earlier:
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  14. Again,you have to get off to pay, and if its over fill at that point sitting on it it will be over filled doing it on the side stand anyway.Most caps are in the middle or on the right side.I fill mine to about 15 or 20mm from the top,its been a while since I did an unsupported Gun Barrel Hwy run so the last tiny bit does not end my world.
  15. Crime is going down not up.
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  16. Way more hoodies than helmets
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  17. I'm happy to get off the bike, if you put it on the stand and leave the handlebars straight it's not that slanted anyway. What I really hate is taking all of my junk off, helmet and to get helmet off I need to take off gloves.

    I really wish the pumps had their own pre-pay EFTPOS jiggers so I could just leave all my gear on, fill up and fcuk off. Fill up a few times a week, and the few mins gearing up / down and paying adds up.
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  18. I haven't had anyone ask me to take off the helmet so far. The big L plate on the back and the $3.5 of fuel I buy probably indicates I'm not a thief.
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  19. The rules are that you must turn off all radio communication devices / mobile phones before filling up. Mobile phone needs to be turned off. So does the bluetooth intercom. Go pro uses blue tooth, so that should be turned off as well. Got a fit bit.... yeah - probably should turn that off too. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah - that radar jammer, better turn that off. ;)

    Kinda the problem with rules these day's ain't it - most people ignore rules because they mix some sensible rules in with some stupid rules that shouldn't be there, and then people start ignoring all the signs. Results of over regulation I dare say.

    I tend to just choose the rules I think are practical. If the attendant tells me to do something else that I haven't done - I'll just comply for that filling. Why get into an argument. I want to be off my bike for as little time as possible. ;) If I get a repeat request to stop doing something, or do it - then I'll comply all the time or choose another servo if it's just a Nazi attendant trying to make my life hell - but that hasn't happened yet.

    The worst I've had (which isn't bad at all) is one attendant telling me to remove my flip up helmet completely when a police motorcyclist had been there only moments before and didn't remove, nor was asked to remove theirs. I could have argued, but I just complied, paid and left getting back on my bike again (which is where I wanted to be the whole time) :)
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  20. I some times get told not to smoke next to the stop and go gas cage
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