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NSW Rule change for indicators

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hi folks....

    This is a shameless steal from aus.moto....

    From the MCC:

    Acting upon complaints raised by the riders of NSW, the MCC pursued
    the issue with Transport for NSW, RMS and the Roads Minister.

    We spoke, they listened and the road rules in NSW have been changed.

    Indicators on the rear of a motorcycle can be as wide apart as the
    number plate minimum 180mm as per ADR 19/02.

    No more defects for less than 300mm, if they are as wide as your rear
    number plate you are fine.

    I was advised today at the Road Safety Advisory Committee that this
    change was recently gazetted and is now law J

    This is actually a major win and highlights a number of things;

    · RMS road rules can be changed

    · Transport for NSW can and will listen to reasoned argument.

    · Hard work, letter writing, perseverance and lobbying the
    Government gets results

    · We can change the world if we try hard enough.


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  2. Shouldn't this be posted in "bling and appearance"?
  3. I have no doubt that, if Justus agrees with you, it will.
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  4. Nah, I posted the "no need for a rego sticker" info in "bling and appearance" and justice moved it to Laws.

    It is good to see that the laws can get changed to reflect the current practices and give the cops less to worry about.
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  5. I'd love to see this info from a primary source. I couldn't find it on the RMS or MCC websites.
  6. Back in the early 80's in Canberra, we registered a bike my grandfather gave us - he was a honda dealer. Anyway, the bike was a one-off in Australia - no more have ever been officially imported. It had rear indicators no wider than a handspan apart - they were immediately beside the brake light and integrated into the rear bodywork. I guess it just goes to show the inconsistencies within rules between various rego authorities, over and above what is required under ADR's.
  7. Fair enough.

    Web sites take time to update, Zebee goes to actual meetings.
  8. O'k, how long for the other states to follow?
    Whilst I see it as a positive and well done to those involved, it will create a cross state problem. That is legal in NSW, come down to PI and get done for it.
    The sooner all states rules and legislations are aligned the better.
  9. I was thinking the same thing.....
  10. Absolutely!

    It is bloody stupid the variance of road rules and regs between states.

    But, look on the bright side, even if you get busted in Vic for indicators that are legal in NSW, the cops don't actually throw you in jail, give you a good beating or shoot you...... well, unless you do something else. ;)
  11. I think that went over quite a few heads.

    Yes it's good we can influence laws, but this is hardly a "major win". In the scale of shit that matters, this sits very low.
  12. It is a bit minor, until you get pinged for having indicators to close together. I'd be far more pissed off for being pinged with that than riding in breakdown lane. Not to say I wouldn't be out for blood for the latter, just more so for the former.
  13. Yes the vast majority of the time you will get pinged for this will be when you are doing something else wrong.
  14. Depends where you ride. If you regularly ride around Harry's pies of a night time or the old road, I would say different.
  15. A sense-of-humour bypass isn't confined solely to Americans. :)

    OK, so maybe Zebee was a bit over enthusiastic, but, where there is some sign of movement, there is hope.

    Stupid tickets issued for even stupider offences, like having indicators too close together, don't do anyone any good.

    The cops know it is bullshit, and, I suspect those tasked to issue that kind of ticket are not super enthused. One expects that they joined the police with some more socially useful aim.

    The folk who receive the tickets also know it is bullshit, and that feeling of the law being bullshit can then overflow into regarding other laws as bullshit, too.

    In polite company, it is called bringing the law into disrepute, and, in Oz, it seems to be a regular habit of various states pollies and bureaucracies. :(
  16. I suspect the cops that issue those types of tickets didn't join the Police force with any socially useful aim. Rather they are looking for an excuse to give you a ticket, as it makes their small penis seem bigger.
  17. I wonder if that works on police officers of the female persuasion?

    There might be a good research project there if someone would only fund it. :)
  18. This is good news.
  19. That it might mean female police officers will have smaller penises?
  20. Another statement released with errors *shakes head*

    How do you get fined ie. What is or was the offence?

    There is nothing to follow 666. NSW is catching up with other states.

    OP provides a source - the Government Gazette, and from there, you'll find the explanatory note and relevant legislation. Bingo.

    Link: Government Gazette Oct 2013.
    Link: Road Transport Amendment 2013.