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Rukka jacket. Anyone own one?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bobthekelpy, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Like most of us, I have a cupboard full of riding gear.

    In my case, 3 different jackets, 3 different sets of pants, 3 sets of gloves, two helmets, boots etc..

    I'm trying to simplify my riding gear choices.

    I have just decided to lash out and buy a new Rukka Vauhti jacket, found online for a decent price, so I thought why not.

    My plan is to run just the one jacket all year round, keeping in mind I do a mixture of occasional commuting, runs in the hills and the odd tour too.

    Who else has a Rukka jacket? What are your personal thoughts on it? Was it worth the cash? Is it suitable enough to use all year round etc?

    Obviously I have found online reviews, but would prefer to hear first hand accounts.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. I have a Rukka Mika jacket. I think it's the one below the Rauhti.
    Absolutely top class for keeping the winter weather out. Can't fault it for this.
    As for all year, I don't think there's a jacket that will do this at least not where I live. In the last year I've ridden in extremes of -1C to 43C and I can't see one jacket handling that.
    Although I've never pulled out the quilted liner I'd say about mid 20s would be about it.
    The fit is pretty roomy too. I'm 182cm / 70kg and the size EU52 has plenty of space for a 200wt fleece underneath.
  3. Cheers AlGroover.

    I understand it's a fair compromise to expect one jacket to perform in all conditions, but I figure with the liner out I probably won't be any hotter than I currently get with my textile Dainese. And, through winter if it's that extra bit generous with the sizes, I should easily fit a couple of layers under it.

    Do you find their claims of water proof close to true?

    I'm trying to take that decision out, you know, should I wear wets or will it stay dry enough to wear leather jacket / textile Dainese.
  4. My Rukka jacket has never let any water in even when I've had to ride in heavy rain at freeway speeds for an hour or so.
    The sleeves have an elasticated inner cuff that form a sandwich arrangement with the outer cuff to stop water creeping up your sleeve.
    There is also a zip on collar extension / scarf that fills the gap between collar and helmet.
    The quilted liner has its own zip closure in addition to the one on the shell.
  5. Well a bit of an update: The jacket has done pretty well with the wet weather.

    As it has the Gore-Tex liner laminated to the Cordura, the Cordura does hold the water a bit making the jacket heavy (to be expected though), so just need to hang it somewhere to drip dry.

    As for all seasons: as others have said, it's too much of an ask, anything over 30 Degrees and you sweat your arse off, even with the liner out. Saying that, it hasn't been that cold since i've owned it, but feel that it would be pretty warm even in below zero conditions. Has enough room to fit a thermal and mid layer if needed too.

    The armour coverage is great, has very large shoulder and elbow D3o armour, the D3o back protector is thick, but could be wider to cover more of the back.

    The only problem now is that i'm going to have to buy pants that zip to the jacket for a full cold / wet weather kit....