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Ruined Sunday Arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tiff, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. G'day all

    I should be somewhere up near Olinda at the moment, but thanks to the teenage boyfriend of one of my neighbours, I'm sitting here typing instead.

    Was woken up about 1.30am last night by a big blue on the street outside. Just pulling on my shorts to go and see what's going on, but heard it was the 'usual suspects' having a shouting match, so gave up and went back to bed. Heard a crash a bit later followed by 'stop throwing things at my house' from the girl. Turned over and went to sleep.

    Go out this morning to pull the cover off and check the tyres etc, and find it on its side on the nature strip with a load of other debris from their little stoush - pulled up plants, broken mobile phone etc.

    Now I wish I'd got up and belted him while I had the chance. Clutch lever bent, left indicator broken, cracked front mudguard and snapped plate that the peg attaches too, so can't change gear. It won't even turn over (flooded to its eyeballs).

    Will be getting it on a truck to Staffords tomorrow. Not happy - particularly as this is my ride to work too. Spoken to the father next door, but no sign of either girl or her boyfriend as yet. Can feel myself being a couple hundred $'s down the swanny on this one.

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. That sucks :evil:

    But try to cheer up... it could be worse!

  3. :LOL:
    Must have taken you ages to set that shot up!!
  4. Nah only a couple of min... I mean I dunno, I just found it on teh intarwebz :-w
  5. Stupid punks. Beat them to death with some heavy winter gloves (until they get the message? :S)
  6. will be buying some winter gloves, expressly for that purpose when I pick up the bike. Will also prove useful when shoving the invoice down his throat.

    My trouble is that part of me thinks this is karma - there were a couple of things I might have allegedly done at age 17... :roll:
  7. Where did you leave your bike Tiff?

    [​IMG] @ those [​IMG] dam neighbours of yours.

    [​IMG] @ Ktulu's pic. You a crack up dood.

  8. On the side of the road (this is a short dead end road). Tucked in where it always sits, with a cover on it.
  9. Not possible to have it in your driveway in future?
  10. single driveway - not wide enough for the car to get past my bike. Plus 2 young kids means the car is coming and going more often than my bike (except first thing in the morning when I'm out first, so doesn't work having the bike in the garage).

    So it looks like a new house with double garage to ensure the bike's safe :?
  11. Beat him to death with a blunt object :twisted:
  12. OIC Tiff.

    Ok, front yard not an option either then?
  13. Blunt object post looks good to me.

    Can you get a concrete paver and a post and put it on the front lawn (post is to chain to, so your own children don't accidently knock over).

    Ktulu, :shock: :roll: you are the funniest person i have ever not met. You alspo need help. :LOL:
  14. I would've thought you could get the cops involved. Something like criminal damage maybe? I dunno though, I'm not a copper, and I'm not a lawyer either.
  15. definetly get the cops involved man.. its likely that your not the only one that heard the ruckus.. if the police did a small door knock you might even find you have a wittness..

    a police report should at least aid in a letter of demand or an insurance claim thats what the law is for.. to stop people having hissy fits and smashing other peoples pride and joy.
  16. But he saw it clearly from the window, and was far too scared of the angry, drunken teen gang members to go outside...
  17. ...so a few of the neighbours have been by to say what they saw and heard. Haven't bothered with the cops - but thanks for the suggestions though.

    Motorcycle Logistics picking it up first thing tomorrow - big thumbs up to them for their response and the Netrider discount :)

    Will be going next door with a hand out for the final amount when I know what it is. Good bit of local community pressure should mean it won't be a drama getting the cash - will let you know...
  18. When you find the guy, don't kill him, torture him... then kill him.