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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ._., Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. I didn't know that V-Twin motors could sound like inline-4's.
  2. Wow, someone found a use for an MT-01, who would have thought :D
  3. nice clip..
  4. thats pretty awesome
  5. Agreed, that's pretty impressive.
  6. +1 - I reckon the physics are as good as I've seen from professional CGI, if not better...
    Would love to see a feature based around this.
  7. The star of that clip was the baseball cap... Top speeds and it didn't even budge! That's stay on power! :)

    Nah, brilliant clip! What a dude :)
  8. Make for a good game.

    Only bad thing that stood out for me was, he was changing gears and accelerating whilst waving the sword in the air with his right hand (that's more of a technical glitch though)
  9. I thought the MT-01 was a V4, still the wrong sound though. At least it didn't sound like a stroker. I liked the flying laser pods though.
  10. Must be like cowboys in the old movies where their hat must have been sown onto their head.
  11. Just because youre a cyber-enhanced bad-ass living in the post apocalyptic ruins of human civilisation, doesnt mean you can go around squidding, speeding and acting like a hoon.
  12. He is living my dream, riding, alone with not a soul in sight, how ever he wants with no limitations, no cops, no one. Except for maybe the things that are trying to kill him, that's besides the point.

    But anyway, on topic...

    Amazing clip, I'm very into animation and this impresses me, there's nothing better then a semi realistic style animation pulled of near perfectly.

  13. cool stuff!