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Rugby - are you gay

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. A guy at the University of Melbourne has completed his Phd (2005) on the most rivetting topic.........Rubgy League: Environmental Impact on Urban Development :shock: (boring)

    Anyway his research has concluded that male football fans have a 21.3% chance of becoming gay or realising they are gay :shock:

    Also he found out that 48.6% of male fans will have homosexual thoughts/fantasies and tendencies by following this code of football :shock:

    Always knew that rugby was a bum sniffer code. At least good ol AFL is still a mans mans game.

    Cheers 8)
  2. They both have shower scenes, so don't kid yourself when it comes to AFL over Rugby.

    And then there is Roland..............
  3. And the p00fy pink collingwood army.....LMAO
  4. Now Daz, Dave just got took to task by KnightRider over in the court case thread for saying something "tongue-in-cheek". SO, looks like that's out. You want to start again??? :D :LOL:
  5. As Molly Meldrum once said...........

    "one up the bum, no harm done"
  6. Just beacuse the sport is shit, doesn't mean everyone is gay
  7. I'd say that quietly while you're up in Qld, Dan, it's a second religion up there.......
  8. Where are the stats for the same study on AFL? Maybe he should do that code as well!
  9. hey Dazza, as to the thread subject, it's good to see that you don't know crap. Rugby is a totally different game to Rugby League.

    And if you think that the % wouldn't be exactly the same for GAY.F.L., then you just stay under that rock you call home.
  10. dunno, Daz I've always worried about that "sleeveless singlet, super tight shorts" look........
  11. 41.7% of ducati riders are too.

    [puts flame suit on! :) ]
  12. Study was not done because 92% of AFL supporters are women
  13. and 86% of statistics are made up on the spot!!!
  14. This only confirms what most people realised long ago. Rugby (league, whatever, who cares) is the ultimate gay man's sport, either as a player or spectator. Hopawate anyone? That huge guy that came out of the closet? Gayer than Pricilla on an outback trip. You just know that during the scrum the guys in the middle of it all are in bliss and having a good old time going the reach around. It's just a matter of time until they get their own float at the Madi Gras.

    :wink: :D .
  15. I don't tend to pay much notice of the football these days, preferring to concentrate on motorcycle racing. :D
  16. Must not add fuel to fire
    (gritting teeth and counting to 100)

    Now where is my assault rifle I know I left it around here somewhere, there is a bounty on randy riders or so I have heard

  17. hahaahaahhahah gold
  18. you know, those stats are quite suprising actually. i was under the impression the donut punch factor would be a LOT higher than that :LOL: maybe the rugby closet is still closed or something? i can see it coming out in a few years, something like that steelworking factory in the simpsons :LOL:

    a group of big men with no necks lining up to sniff each others bums and then cuddle for a bit before popping a little brown thing out betwwen their legs and running after it to get more cuddles :? bit suss IMO

    Rugby is what happens when mummy dear bops you over the head with her rolling pin one too many times and you cant grasp AFL, still cant explain the cuddling, but maybe spending all that time with mummy dear goes some way towards that?

    and dont get me started on the yank version :roll: same thins as rugby except that the poor little blouses have to wear padding so they dont get hurt too bad.... diddumsies

    :twisted: fire at will..... and when your done with him, feel free to have a shot at me :wink: :LOL:
  19. Well the research was done on the Bum Sniffer Code. WHY don't you do a Phd on the AFL yourself :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  20. Doonks I know the difference between the two faggot codes. I call them both BUM SNIFFERS PERIOD. Union is the real game with ruck and mauls *speeling* and the other FAGGOT game you have five goes to get to touch then the other side plays and when those handbag fags get tackled they roll the ball under thier foot to the guy behind sniffing his arse.

    Also it was not my Phd or can't you read. Don't shoot the messenger. You won't to have a cry go and talk to him and tell him that the AFL is the same.

    Cheers 8)