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Rudolph the red vtr

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by samb., Dec 26, 2012.

  1. First of all hi, been lurking for awhile finally decided to contribute with the purchase of my first ride. Got my Ls a couple of weeks ago, and got very luck a couple of days ago when I found my this bike. Picked up a 2007 vtr 250 in amazing condition having just my lady owner previously. Bike was a bit outside my original budget but already had all my protective gear sorted (thanks Santa) so splurged a bit as it was exactly what I was after, with only 10600kms and lots of accessories including oggy knobs and Ventura rack. Ill throw up some photos when I get home, on my IPhone at the moment (is there a way to upload from my phone?)

    One question though I knew when I bought it that the right handlebar was very slightly bent up and back from when it was dropped in a driveway. I thought this wouldn't bother me being a learner and all but after my first longish ride, 40 mins or so, my wrist and hand were at a very uncomfortable angle does anyone know where I can find my aftermarket handlebars for my ride? I like the current seating position so would prefer stock bars for the vtr.. Thanks

  2. First of all, welcome, and welcome to the indescribable joy of the FIRST BIKE!!!!

    Secondly, I'm a bit worried about the bar being so badly bent from just a driveway drop, but, be that as it may, Iif the bar can't be removed and straightened, then I'd recommend replacing it with a stock item; lots of the aftermarket stuff make you re-route cables, etc, a real hassle....
  3. I am just wondering if a bent handlebar would pass a road worthy inspection.
    Check out http://japan.webike.net/ for bars for your VTR. They have very good delivery time
  4. It's not a bad bend at all, just ever so slightly enough to put my wrist in a awkward position. It's just recently been serviced and registered by sydneycitymotorcycles so I'm not too worry but am looking to replace it for comfort reasons.
    That link looks exactly what I'm after, thanks