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Ruder cagers? What about rude bikers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrChicken, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. We're quick to berate car drivers for poor manners, but I've now had a couple of instances on the road where some wanker on a bike has screamed passed me for no other reason than, presumably, to show me how quick he is. I'm on my L's, so these blokes obviously think they're real heroes. Wrong ... real tosser's more like ...

  2. +1

    Everything goes both ways. Unfortunately it's the bad apples from each bunch that spoils the whole damn field of tree. :p
  3. Just smile to your self & nod as you pass him while he being scrapped off the road.

    Its usually these idiots who are on the news that night, after getting friendly with a tree etc.
  4. Dont worry MrChicken, you too will have enough power to fly past others as well one day :) I fly past people all the time but its not because I am trying to show off or freak a learner out. It just how I ride I fly up to the speed limit mostly but thats why I ride bikes apart from the freedom and so on and so on. Its because I love the power. Maybe you ride cause its convient and thats ok too. Not everyone that rides past you at speed is even thinking of you and most wouldnt be. I havent seen these situations so maybe they have been too close I dont no. Should other riders just stay behind you? The fact is bikes are fast and they excellerate very quick so sometimes it will appear they are flying past you. Just chill and enjoy or riding dont take it personal. Cheers friend
  5. Oh just an another point I dont hang around cagers long enough for them to be rude to me. I expect them all to try and kill me and I am very proactive in the way I ride. No point saying he was in the wrong when Im in hospital, I dont want to give them the chance so I say "never pick a fight with a cager". ;) Anyway Good Luck and be safe"
  6. +1 to what ZX9rB3 said,

    i accelerate quickly and get out of the way of all the cages, i tend to find it is L and P platers trying to keep up that have a problem, i ride a 1200, you aint gonna make it, and i dont care if it looks like i am flying past because i will be, just trying to get onto some clear road (especially at lights)
  7. I think that as riders we try and see ourselves as 'above' the petty stupidness of the cagers - but I think reality is a little different.

    I know that Ive nearly been knocked off plenty of times when the car has been completely in the wrong and it was only pre-planning on my part that kept me safe - right? and how many times has that happened to you guys?

    Well, I dont know about you but I dont take it very gracefully.
    Nor do I like some wangstar in his midlife-crisis-mobile trying to burn me off the lights.

    I must try and become more zen.
    Ive heard its more effective to smile and wave than flip em the bird.
    Its just harder.
  8. me and shona got cut of by a bike when we on our way into fed square fri morn. we slowing down to turn a corner (giving way to a bus infront of us that needed 2 lanes to turn, we were in the left lane) when a rider can flying past cutting us off, lucky he wasn't taken out by the bus. personally i don't mind if someone goes past me on a straight stretch, but when they over/under take on a corner well grrrr.... it's just bad manners.
  9. get used to it...
  10. I was buzzed by a phyco scooter yesterday, It was all I could do not to have a go at him at the next lights, but then I thought, he is already riding a scooter, what more could I do to him ?? :grin: :grin:
  11. Rrrrrgh!

  12. did u get overtaken by a scooter Mark :?
    Are you ok... was your bike turned on :wink:
  13. At speed, or taking off? At speed = wanker. From the lights = probably doesn't even realise he's doing it. I know I've found cars thought they were dragging me when I was just taking off normally... big bikes are just quick, you don't even realise how quick. :?
  14. +1 what ZX9rB3 said :cool:
  15. ever thought that he didnt want to pressure you by sitting on your arse and making you nervous?
    ever thought you were all over the road and sparatic ?
    every thought that he was in a hurry ?
    every thought he did it because he can !
  16. Easy to make excuses for this sort of crap. Each time it's happend I've been out in front of the traffic with a clear run. Each time the knucklehead has blown past at unnecessary speed and revs, then backed off. Ever thought that that's the sort of riding that makes me nervous?
  17. Do what my mate did to me once. At the next set of lights he turned off my bike as soon as the lights changed and left me sitting there like an idiot. Cops were sitting behind me laughing. Glad they thought it was funny
  18. so he blows past you .....whats the issue ?
    is it hes got a bigger bike
    you dont like the colour of his leathers etc ????
    The only thing you should be concentrating on is the road and what you are going to or plan to do .
    let him blow past and feel like a hero , people pass me all the time , some days i sit under the speed limit and they blow past in cars doing 80 in a 60 zone ........big deal .
    Unless his passing withing a inch or two of you then get off at the lights and express you concerns with him, but if its because he passes you quickly big deal.
    If thats the only concern you have on the road well your doing well.
  19. I always pass any one that I catch regardless if there a truck, car, bike any thing at all because if im behind some one that’s just some one that can try to kill me

    And at light’s even my little 250 leaves every thing behind accept those little Japanese turbo toofarst for there own good cars.
    And with some clever clutch work I can keep up with them and even bigger bikes :)

    But I always leave room when passing bikes
    Cages are the worst though I was waiting at a children’s crossing (you know the one out the front of a school with a lollypop lady) and I was sitting on the left side of the road and this car went past on the right before the lady with the sign had goten of the road and he was literally brushing up against my leg.
    so a bike passing you is the least you have to worry about when there are idiots like that on the road I would hate to think what would of happened if I was going slower then him on the freeway.
  20. :LOL: I reckon your mate and a mate of mine would get along well, that's the kind of stuff he likes to do as well. I read this and thought of him :)