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rude drivers and learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. This morning I encountered my rudest driver yet. He hovered behind me for a few k's down the road, he refused to overtake even though I was already in the left lane just for him and he tailgated most of the way.

    I mean seriously. Was it that I'm a chick, was it that I have l-plates, or is it just a motorbike vs cars thing? The guy was in a shitty old Hyundai Excel - maybe that was his major problem :cool:

    Anyways. Just wanted to get a rant off my chest while it was still fresh and I was still stroppy :)

    Have a good one all!
  2. I used to get alot of that behaviour in SA, but I had Vic plates. Unfortunatly there isn't to much that you can do, Keep your head, slow down, keep and eye on them and if you are still worried, pull off the road. Its a pain in the bum, but its better to be late than dead.

  3. *laugh* so its probably a good thing I resisted the urge while he was almost next to me in the lane, to give him the finger. Road rage and stupid driving are probably a lot worse to deal with than just stupid driving :p
  4. That sucks. I had a car that did that a big ass holden right up my @$$, and trying to overtake in the SAME LANE (ie, THE DAMN CAR WAS TRYING TO LANE SPLIT WITH ME!!!!) I just slowed right down.

    Some people don't deserve their licences.
  5. where you doing 20kph ?

    Generally speaking riding just a little quicker than the traffic prevents these sorts of things... Usually...... but I never ever ever ever............ ever ever showed my L plates... not even in the car after people acted like complete farktards!!!

    Also... are you good looking? Nice arse? Maybe he was getting a bit of a chubby slug looking at your backside sticking out like that. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Probably hasn't seen one for a while... :LOL:
  6. *laugh* dunno about Grunge, but I was doing 60-61 kph - I refuse to speed on a bike that I'm learning on. If I get hit, lose control - anything, its my skin on the line and its just not gonna happen ;) As for not showing the L plate, I'd rather let people know that when I don't hoon it off the line, there's a reason *grin*

    You're probably right about the arse thing :p Its really the only thing that makes sense. He looked like he hadn't had any for a while :p HAH!!!
  7. Yeah, I'm also not a believer in wearing L or P plates. I've been driving for quite a while now, but last year my girlfriend finally got her license and started putting her P plates on my car. Usually when I drove I couldn't be bothered taking the plates off. I found drivers were being real wankers when I was driving with her P plates on, cutting in front of me, beeping horns for no reason etc. So on the bike, it's no plates for me, drivers are bad enough already.
  8. Remember if someone is getting close, sit in the lane so that they can not pull along side.
    Maintain Lane dominance.
    I always just start slowing down when a PoMs does that sort of thing to me. sometimes they realise and back off, sometimes they go round. It's the real F$%@ers that stay back there and make your life hard.
  9. Mmm, have you thought about your body language?

    Were you in the left hand side of the lane, or in the left of two lanes? I ask, as I sometimes see L plate riders adopting lane positions that might suggest that they are intimidated. And that seems to be like a red rag to a bull with car drivers.

    The only other thing to do is to let the car go past, even if that means stopping for a few seconds. It's probably better to let an idiot like that get on their merry way than for them to drive you off the road.

    [EDIT] Just saw FL's response.
  10. Thanks for the tip FALCON-LORD. I remember reading a thread about where to turn left from and how some people have been undertaken by cars while they're waiting, so I try to make sure I'm at least in the middle of the lane - maybe I really need to be to the right just a touch more.

    On the topic of not wearing the L plates, I'm guessing there's a fine for not doing so - does anyone know what it is? Or what other penalties there are? I have a squeaky clean record (car and bike) so far, so if its gonna get me in any trouble, I'd prefer not to and just deal with the wankers who make it all so hard :)
  11. unfortunately in Adelaide you get a lot of these idiots in the cages on the road.

    I learnt to just watch and ignore them.
  12. Admirable restraint, emsie. Don't let them rattle you into error, or behaving like them...
  13. It used to be one point for each plate not displayed, and no fine (NSW, several years ago). On the bike that would only mean a single point loss, or an "Oops officer, it must have just fallen off"... :wink:
  14. HAH! Nice one rb ;)
  15. Theres a fine in SA. Its around $150 plus 3 points if you dont display a P or L plate. So I would be careful here.

    Mind you I have to say there were a few times that it wasnt on my bike. That was when I was still restricted.
  16. I think I'll keep my finger in its holster and take the pulling over advice if it gets a bit much. Not worth points and a decent fine vs pulling over or moving to the right of the lane.
  17. $150 and three points for not having a L plate on does sound excessive :shock: I might reconsider wearing plates with those penalties...
  18. also the fines are charge to someone who ISNT a P plater or L plater and who is sporting the Plate. EG forgetting to take them off when someone else has driven your car.

    Its very steep to be caught here.
  19. Is there issues with insurance if you dont display a plate ?? Could they claim that you are driving while unlicenced (since your licence requires you to display a plate) and therefore not pay up when you need them to ??

    Personally I would rather take the risk with the idiots that hassle me on the road than deal with some prick at an insurance company.
  20. In SA yes there is an issue.

    You are considered uninsured if you drive without the plates displayed.