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Rudd's Xmas Bonus

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Well apparently the cheques are in the mail so to speak just wondering what the good folk at Netrider who are eligible are planning to do with theirs.

    Me? I'll probably be doing something boring like pay overdue bills but hopefully there will be a little left over to spend on the bike in the form of a farkle (mod) or two :grin:
  2. i get fcuking nothing, single white males eh..... must not pay enough tax :roll:
  3. Same, Fiance and myself get jack!

    however the family with there 4 kids next door get $5,000

  4. We get $4000 which is already spent pretty much

    $1000 school fees for 13yo in high school
    $1000 for 5 months worth of utility bills that the pricks managed to stuff me round for when I moved house and now are all due
    $1000 for stupidity of credit card debit
    $1000 for Christmas presents for the kids and extended family

    Hopefully thanks to the money I can start the next year ahead of all the bloody bills and get to saving some money and paying off loans etc
  5. :shock:

    Is that how much it is nowadays? Mine was about $230, but that was 10 years ago.

    Myself and my other half are a couple of DINKS, so we don't get a hand out.

    Though we're not doing it tough, so I'd like to think that this bonus would be going to those who need it most.
  6. I'm buying leathers!!!

    I don't care about the bleeding heart do gooders that think it should go to the needy or that I should spend it on child raising costs. I pay a metric fcukload of tax and I'll get every cent out of the gov I can get and I'll spend it how I please.
  7. Same here Hol....
    Considering a spa for the roof with my payment :LOL:
  8. yep. if you self support with no drain on the economy you get shafted as such. although if i did have a family i would be throwing it at bills and so on and maybe some treats.,. WTF is rudd thinking that everyone will just spend it at myers to enter it back into the system.
  9. Errr no... we have 4 kids and the whole lot will be used to pay school fees.
  10. as it should be used for i say..
  11. Yeah.. what a sham, these non tax paying kids get money thrown at them. I bet they'll never grow up and pay tax or benefit society or anything.
  12. very valid reply i say.
  13. What?

    It's not like if I spend it on stuff for myself suddenly my child will go without. School fees will still be paid, bills will still be paid and food will still be in the fridge. This money was never in my budget to start with so the cost of raising a teenager has been covered. Who are you to tell me how I should spend this money.
  14. i am not telling you how to spend your money. i was in agreeance with another post. it should be used how anyone who recieves it feels will improve their (and families if they wish) quality of life. :wink:
  15. Out of all the minority groups, I would have thought that motorcyclists would see people as individuals and accept that each case is different instead of lumping them all in the same basket.
    There are pensioners and families out there who struggle from week to week and don't have the opportunity to buy themselves that special something. Well this payment is a bonus and it should be treated that way. Sure, there are some families who have no choice but to spend it on schooling and reducing debt but there are also those who have the opportunity to splurge on themselves which is something they would otherwise not have the chance to do.
    My situation is that....I don't have the option of working full time although I would love to be able to do that. I'm not on a single parents pension and sit on my arse all day, although I do know some Mums who do that (not that I agree with it)
    All situations are different and I say spend the bonus as a bonus if you have the means of doing so.
  16. no what shits me most about this is they can afford this sort of scheme, yet i see my gran parents struggle on that fcuking unless pension.... i have never seen either of my granparents go out and buy plasma ....there is a huge housing shortage they could look to invest in this area, which by providing would put money back into one of the largest employers in aus, which is the building, there are shit loads of better ways to spend that sort of money.

    and before you all start no i don't have kids, and i am sure it's super expensive to bring them up, but in the most (people's situation) it was also your choice, so with that comes extra costs.

    Actually then again at least by giving the money normal people it won't be wasted on red tape bullshit and processes, and thousand page 5 yr eco study report on a couple of turtles :roll:
  17. If your grand parents are on the pension they should be getting $1050 each http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/individuals/bonus_payments.htm#seniors

    And I do agree the pensions & other payments centrelink make are all kinds of shit - I think the goverment would have better spent this money by increasing payments for people getting full assistance from centrelink or something like that.
  18. That's not why I'm spending it on school fees, I could (and would have) paid them anyway and we have enough spare cash that we could splurge it if we wanted to.

    I just think it was in effect paid to our children so it should be spent on our children.

    Other people will make their own decisions about that and that's fine too.
  19. they will, my point being, why not increase payments for those under paid people in our society.....i just believe it was too freely handed out, with no long term thought involved :)
  20. rudd must be happy though as people are actually talking about him for once other then just calling him a carnt.