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Ruddbux - what are you gonna do to stimulate the economy?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roaster, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Ruddbucks are coming out this month.

    Yesterday I was having a chat to a mate about what to buy that would actually stimulate the economy, but the choices are severely limited as most consumer goods in oz are imported. We were thinking 900bucks worth of vegemite or ugg boots (but even then I think they might be manufactured overseas!). Maybe $900 worth of coal?

    With purchase of goods limited, perhaps services could be a local economy boosting-goer - a massage a-la Craig Thompson MP?

    I'll be splashing out on some fully sic phat bicycle lights, and repatching the hole in my credit card from the service I had done on the beast last month.

    Anyone got any special plans for their cool $900?

  2. We have a baby due in September so we're stocking up on baby clothes/items/toys.

    $900 should buy 2 or 3 items I'm guessing!
  3. Its all going toward my bike :)
  4. Congrats on the bub :)
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, heated grips maybe. :)
  6. much as I am LOATHE to reccomend anything I see on ACA / TT, while channel surfing i came across this article relating to baby goods. Might be of interest to you.


    Congrats - glad to see another virgo will be joining us! (Virgo, not virago).
  7. Beer and hookers.
    I want to be stimulated by rudds package
  8. [​IMG]
  9. hehe, I thought of that after I posted :p
  10. its paying for half my snow trip to new zealand! thanks kev.
  11. I nice carbon fibre can. Most likely a Venom or Viper unit :grin:
  12. I've already paid my $900 on insurance and registration for 3 bikes and a car, which seem to have all come around at the same time.

    Oh, my missus has spent hers on insurance too.

    Hornet: $350-ish re-registration, $360 insurance.
    BMW: $300 initial registration/change over, $450-ish re-registration, $410 insurance.
    ER-5: $80 initial registration/change over, $256 insurance. $350-ish re-registration expected in May.

    All up: $2556... Plus the car's figures that I've forgotten. :cry:
  13. 6000 km service.

    The problem: Where to go?!
  14. ive already spend half on mx gear. the other half will go on transfer fee's and some additional parts/servicing.....none left for a trailer. plus because of the stupid govt i dont get paid much this holy's so im down overall

    damn dept of education...suck my stimulus package
  15. Camos bluetooth units. Sure they're made overseas but the local importer gets a cut! :grin:
  16. california superbike school and 6000km service
  17. I get to spend it on the repair bill for the GS...

    Oil and Filter

    YaY, no more stimulus!

    Otherwise I like geeth's proposition!
  18. On the credit card while I save for the valve stems/rings job to stop my oil disappearing!
  19. am I the only person in the entire country not to see a cent of damn stimulus. typical Labour government fcuks over the hard working middle class yet again
  20. As in your not getting one or you haven't got it yet?

    A lot of people haven't actually got the money yet, then again a lot of those same people have already spent it.

    Wonder if I could build a TARDIS for 900