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Rudd V's Gillard

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ezyrider79, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Watching Law & Order and suddenly there's a news flash....

    Kevin has been pushed into a battle with Jule's. He gets remaining support from the left and now Jule's has the right....

    Who's going to win this battle? Will the Labour party recover?

    Find out tomorrow morning after 9am.....:blackeye:

    Quite honestly I'm sick of all this political B.S. but how do you Netriders feel?
  2. Dumb and Dumber.
  3. RIP Kevin Rudd's political career. ROFL JK DIE IN A FIRE!!!1!

    Well, it looks like his own party can't stand him.

    Spill motion was moved tonight, he was in a meeting for several hours with Julia Gillard and he fronted the press pack saying that they're doing the leadership challenge Liberal-style and casting a vote tomorrow morning.

    So if he stays the Labor leader, he stuffed.

    If Julia gets up, with the past two weeks' worth of constant denials that's a ready-made campaign against her full of hilarious 30 second sound bikes, ironically what she's been trying so hard to avoid in the last few years.

    Looking messy for the Labor party. The first stories breaking seem to show Julia cracking the shits and Rudd big time for double-checking her loyalty.

    Interesting times.
  4. I think she'll roll him, not sure voters will see a lady PM over Abbott though...
  5. agreed

    has any woman become premier from an actuall election rather than stepping into a vacated position ?
  6. Its not going to be the gender, it will be the red hair that kills her.
  7. sad, if they cant run their own party how can they run Aus, makes me sick, the mining will kill Rudd BTW
  8. It’s a sad issue as Rudd has been putting in a lot of effort to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor and to keep it from leaving the country. All his successes and failures were about helping the common folk. His actions prove beyond any doubt that he does care and there is no one in the current political climate that could take his place.

    The miners were crying that they had no skilled labour and lobbied the government to import cheap labour. During the slowdown what did they do? They sacked 15% of their workers and we ended up paying through centrelink. What a bunch of absolute arseholes.

    I hope he stays in and makes these miners pay.
  9. Re: RIP Kevin Rudd's political career. ROFL JK DIE IN A FIRE!!!1!

    Yes its a pity Labor havent been able to show the same stability and loyalty to their leader that the Liberals have shown in the last few years.
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    It's a pity Labor have so quickly turned their backs on the man that won them the last election.
  11. The Liberal party handed the last election to Kevin Rudd on a silver platter, now Labour is just returning the favour.
  12. Gotta disagree with you Sir Ride Alot.

    The man was a cheap mug who reviled in the 24 hour news cycle. He lived for action plans about focus groups on white papers that may, some day, be introduced. He was paranoid, prone to outbursts, keen on belittling his staff members and those junior to him.

    He couldn't open his mouth without struggling out some painful buzz word, whether it be "Fair shake of the saucebottle" "working families" or a carefully placed public use of an expletive. This stupid headline-forming tactic has caught on with the libs now too.

    He loved nothing more than making speaches to empty rooms full of dozing inept UN members, relishing the chance to strike poses on the world stage. He loved commentating on everyday news events, hoping to form a cheap bond with the electorate who couldn't care less about his ever-shifting politics.

    He lacked the courage of his convictions, he lacked trust in his party, he took the electorate for idiots and was nothing short of a control freak who considered himself far too intelligent, and others far too stupid to take on many tasks that a normal government would. He's isolated most of those he's pushed away. He has few friends.

    I think the man, personally and professionally, is a cretin.

    His own sordid little paranoid world is coming to an end and I couldn't be bloody happier. The man has cheapened Australian politics forever and will be remembered in the same vein as Mark Latham. A national embarrassment.
  13. Well put, and this is probably the major factor in his party turning against him.

    He won the election on the back of a handful of popularist promises, none of which he has followed through on (immigration, industrial relations...) a Uniion campaign and electoral fatigue with the Libs. He's governed through quick-fix, ill-considered headline grabbing policies, many of which have backfired or just failed completely (insulation, stimulus...)

    He's been living through the media driven opinion polls, and now that those have turned against him he's got no more answers. He's an arrogant, uninspiring little turd, and I'm not sorry if we see the back of him. Pity is I can't rate Jules (same air of superiority and contempt, and I just don't think I could cope with much more of that accent!) or Abbott (ultra-conservative in too many ways) any better as alternatives. Labor or Liberal, it just doesn't matter any more.

    Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner, Ana Bligh and Christina Kenneally all followed male Premiers mid-term. Bligh is the only one that has actually won a subsequent election. Rosemary Follett was elected as the first Chief Minister of the ACT in 1989 (nine months before Lawrence took over WA.) Kate Carnell (ACT) and Clare Martin (NT) have also won elections.
  14. Choice between cancer and polio.
  15. We can only hope that should Gillard gets in as PM, she is less poll-driven than recent incumbents.

    This country needs a leader with long-term vision.
  16. This is super interesting - Abbott is anti women's rights and Gillard is (obviously) a woman...
  17. Hey...!!! I'm a blood nut... :(
  18. In the dying days of yet another doomed Labor Government, that of Gough Whitlam, the amazing Fred Daly reports that Gough offered him a ministry of some sort. Fred's refusal was cast in terms of it being too much like changing cabins on the Titanic...
  19. It appears the Labor party is trying to clear the slate after being dragged so far off policy by popular right wing media.

    I am a little suprised by this, not just because it demonstrates instability in government, but because Gillard is known to be more left than is good for the middle vote.

    The whole thing takes the Nutter Nazi from an outside chance to even money.
  20. it still farking amazing me how they replace the top person, imo if labour vote rudd out it should be an election and everytime any head changes it should be a new election, in local, state and federal