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rudd or howard? the bets are on

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, May 30, 2007.

  1. my physio and i have a bet

    [im voting for rudd]

    my physio thinks rudd will win the fed

    i think howard will win because if the boat people and the troops in iraq didn't do it, nothing will.

    if rudd gets in i have to buy her a bottle of gin

    if howard wins, i will be upset but that's ok because i will have a bottle of bourbon to keep my 'spirits' up.

    so.....what type of bourbon should i get?

    am i crazy or what?
  2. Wild Turkey if you're expected to get her a half decent bottle of gin :)
    Otherwise, old faithful Beam?... I you like Cougar.

    I've heard good things about Slate bourbon, but haven't actually tried it yet.

    If you're not mixing, why not a nice single malt?

    Something with "Glen" in it's name and "15 years" written on the bottle is usually a safe bet :grin:
  3. Oh yeah, and I'll be voting for Peter Costello...
  4. Turkey is awesome, Makers Mark is slightly better now Slate......

    I had the pleasure of having a can tonight, it is true when they say unbelievably smooth.

    Very nice bourbon. Recommended ;)

    Oh, and I'll be voting for the biggest liar :evil:
  5. i just can't get passed the cheap stuff. woodstock! i love it!

    but if i win the bet it will be markers mark unless anyone can come up with better.

    the gin will be blue saphire. if im in a bad mood i might get her some really nasty gin as im sure such a product exists. :LOL: :LOL:

    ps [i dont like cougar 2loo, the 3 year old brew was probably in my house because someone gave it to me]
  6. Good post Stump!

    I have always seemed to go for labour.
    I also absolutely hate John Howard but....

    I was only a little bub when labour ran the country into the ground and put us in one of Aus worst ever defecit.

    I do like Rudd though but i hate to say it, the liberal govt has been doing a pretty good job of looking after our country.
    Some might not believe so but again, the statistics show that we're the strongest we've ever been economy wise.

    I dont know, ill prob vote the greens instead lol hehehe

    At the end of the day, its all propaganda.

    Also did you know that the govt. is the only body legally allowed to commit slander???
  7. I think there's more to running a government than just looking after the economy! (not like I could run one though!)

    I think Rudd will get up, I think Australia is getting tired of the sheer arrogance of this government, I know I am.

    I'm still waiting for Labour to bring out the "A vote for Howard is a vote for Costello" line.
  8. Hang on, I just realised that we've got both a relgion and politics thread now! Here we go! :LOL:
  9. And we have previously had sex. Thats all 3 topics you shouldn't discuss in polite company.

    Hang on "polite company" here????? :rofl:

    Ok keep discussing............... :blah:


    Makers Mark / Wild Turkey for the Bourbon (Must try slate).
    Oh and I'm going Rudd.
  10. I still reckon that ballot papers should have a "none of the above" box. And if the majority of the country pick that one then all candidates are to be banned from politics from life - and stripped of all their parlimentary privileges/cash payouts.
  11. Agreed - I just remember things being a bit more of a struggle and interest rates being through the roof.

    I sometimes wonder if it wasn't Australia's moment to shine, regardless of which party was in power? Sort of a Sliding Doors moment - if Labor had stayed in, might things have been the same, give or take a few big policies?
  12. I'm no expert on the economy but from a Canberra perspective, the fact that interest rates are lower under a Howard government doesn't really mean sh!t to me cause housing prices have more than doubled in Canberra and now Queanbeyan. I'm aware this is a state issue also, but dont get me started on the state/federal government issue!!!
  13. :arrow: which would actually reinforce my lean towards Liberal.
    Costello isn't stupid, he knows how the job's done, and would be keen to prove himself BETTER than John Howard instead of 'different' [which is what Rudd will be doing if he gets in].

    He'd have to.
    If Australians vote for a change of government, it means they want changes everywhere else.
  14. I'm not even going to turn purple and get stuck into the politics like I often do... just going to say... DStump, do yourself a favour and ask for a good Irish whiskey. They drink more of the stuff than anyone else, so the should know how to make it!
  15. If you want something that will blow your head off, find a label called "Coonawarra" - it's triple distilled around the corner from an Irish friend of mine's dad's house and comes in a bottle of similar shape to Bailey's.

    Saltpeter must be one of their main ingredients and you can taste it - but it's such a clean whiskey. Great to finish a night on, especially with a bit of hot water, brown sugar/honey and cloves.... mmmmmmmmm....
  16. jim beam special blend is mixed with port or something. tastes nasty to me coz i hate wines of all types mixed with anything... but lots of people love licking their lips at the bottle i refuse to serve them.

    *edit - i think rudd will win because australia can't handle the same politician for too long. i'm surprised he's lasted this far.

    also i think we're in an overgoverned country. the mayor of new york has more people than this country yet we have 3 f'n levels of government

    the melb city council has to "buy" flinders st off the state government. what a ludicrous f'n concept.
  17. Hmmm, let me see....vote for a snake, or another snake...decisions, decisions.. :?
  18. i spent ages 13-18 chanting Jeff for president. only the hawthorn supporters listened to me :)
  19. When labor was last in the world was in a state of recession, so the state of or economy was not entirely within the power of the local politicians to effect

    As for little Johnny Arthur
    Can we all remember the Good Ship Tamper, or children overboard, or how about the debacle over the AWB?

    In the first two they outright lied and it has since been proven, and in the third, well they haven’t proved that Johnny knew about it, but the docs were delivered to his office, and no one lost there job over failing to brief him (Take from that what you please)

    And then the next blatant bullsh!t that comes to mind is there last election campaign “With a Labor government you will have interest rate rises†And then there was an interest rate rise within a week of there re-election.

    Now I am not saying labor is all sweet and Honest, but John Howard is there worst F#$king liar we have ever had in politics.

    I have a friend who is a staunch liberal supporter and he describes Johnny as the most abhorrent dishonest thing to have ever happened to the Liberal party.

    It’s just a bumber that the Democrats lost all credibility and imploded because they used to be an option
  20. Yes, that would have made a big difference, it would have been a choice between a snake, another snake, and a wannabe snake...