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Rudd calling Howard a liar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by proboscus, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. If it's true , what can he get done for , not illegal to tell the truth, well not yet it's not

  2. Mr Rudd is hoping he lives long enough to lead the sinking ship into the next great election loss :LOL:

    I don't see John Howard losing any sleep over any of them, the proverbial drover's dog will win the next two elections......
  3. John howard is a liar. boat people, gst, wheat board thats just the ones we know about so i am thinking rudd has nothing to fear as he has a track record of doging questions and LYING :grin:
  4. boat people, quite possibly. wheat board, looking more and more likely.

    GST, it was an ELECTION ISSUE. ](*,) in other words the liberals said if you want it, vote us in, if you don't want it, don't vote us in. how much more transparent can you get than that? :shock: no-one to blame if you don't like it except your fellow australians.

    ...oh, nice to see i created an eight page monster thread of crap \:D/ :dance: :tantrum:
  5. Don't forget "Interests rates will rise under Labor bet we can manage the econamy and keep them down"
    Literaly the monday after the election Interest rates went up. Yep he is a Lying PoMS.
  6. What the ????

    How did a topic on warnings turn into a political debate ??? :tantrum:
  7. have you got a direct quote on that one? seems to me you've got it backwards.

    so all little johny guaranteed there was what he had done in the past.. :-w :-#

    i don't think howard is stupid enough to promise low interest rates in the future when everyone with a brain (not latham) knows interest rates are connected to economic factors and the reserve banks final word.

  8. Hmm your not a politician are you ?.. the GST would never ever happen, then after the first term in office they hung it out for the vote, problem is , you can't vote for a different polly/party per issue. So to say Australians had a choice while technically true, Just not much of a choice.

    Hmm can I have the liberals monetary policy , with the Lab Health care policy, oh and half a pound of greens thanks
  9. Check the latest polling, boys 'n girls. Why do you think no-one wants to unseat Kim Beazley? Because all the heavies know he's going to lose the next election, and they will wait till after that to dump him. No-one wants to be the leader who loses next year; it would cruel any chance of being the leader at the next tilt at the windmill.

    The next leader (Rudd, Gillard, or whatever cannon fodder they can dredge up) will have another go at the NEXT election. And if Labor can't take at least six seats off the Liberals then, much less if they lose MORE seats, like they have the last three elections, then I'm afraid you will be spending a lot more time grumbling in your porridge about John Howard......

    Anyway, back to the warnings debate, where you can call anyone a liar, but if he's in charge, he doesn't care :LOL:
  10. nope, i'm not even super-pro-liberal as i might appear. i just enjoy a debate and playing devils advocate, and seeing if people have any facts to back up the statements they make.
  11. Hornet, you forget they only need 2 seats in the senate and howard can go back to the drawing board. Why the hell people gave the libs (means allowed to do as they like, or liberally apply a whacking stick to the plebs) the power of the senate is beyond me. Lucky country, maybe, clever country, hah!, doubt it.

    Anyway, back to the subject, whatever it was.

    Er, what was it? I forgot. Be back after I get a up of ahhhh, coffee, that's it. And don't call me any names before I get back either. :LOL:
  12. Hah never let the facts stand in the way of stupidity, bias, ignorence and a good bullshit storey :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  13. This has been a paid announcement for the Labour Governemnt :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Cheers :cool:
  14. During the gst election the alp actually got more votes than the coalition but the setup of the electoral boundaries meant the coalition got in because they won more seats with less of the vote.
    democracy at it's finest sort of.
  15. It does not matter if labour got more votes than the coalition during the "GST" election. Fortunately the coalition won. What terrible things could have happened to Australia if Beazley got in. Even worst if Latham won. Even much, much worse if Rudd would get in. And worst of all if Gillard gets in.
  16. Can you prove any of these predictions and tell us how exactly it would be worse oh Nostradamus?

    (personally I don't give a toss who gets in cos they are all a pack of ****s but I would at least like to see democracy at work not this idiotic system we have where a monority of votes can get a government elected.
  17. Beazley is a pompous windbag.

    Rudd is a pretentious Nancy Boy.

    Gillard is the only remotely electable Labor polly.
  18. Telling the truth can be illegal. If the truth makes someone mad or angry enough to commit an act of violence (which it will do), then in this country you'll do up to 7 years pal. The first two years of that you can do without requiring a trial. Of course, after that first two years, you can be released and immediately arrested. That process can continue for the rest of your life. Don't disagree with the "liberal" party, they made the law say, they can fcuk you over, and they will.
  19. I went to a BBQ tonight and Robert Doyle was there. Off topic, i know. :D
  20. That's Robert Doyle's whole problem - he's totally OT! :LOL: