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Rubbing sound from front

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by logictom, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. So I dropped the bike about a month ago and it may be coming back to bite me, Dropped the bike, stupid fault I thought I got away with some scrapes to the exhaust, brake lever and indicator.

    The bike is about 6 weeks old, < 500kms, and like mentioned above dropped it after two weeks of getting it home :-/
    A few days later I started getting a rubbing sound coming from the front wheel, it was quite loud that I could easily hear it through my helmet at speed. It didn't kick in till over ~25kph, I took the wheel guard off to have a look but couldn't see anything, the sound disspeared a few days later.

    Forward to Thursday evening and I get another noise, I'm not sure if it's the same noise. I get to one junction away from home, around 5km from work, and it starts making a noise, again over ~25kph. I had a quick look over it and can't see anything. I rode it to work and back to have a friend take a look but he couldn't see anything.

    I must preface this with I am not mechanically inclined so I may be barking up the wrong tree.
    Up on the centre stand I notice I am getting some light rubbing from the brakes, I assume any rubbing it bad and I should be spinning freely.
    I took the wheel guard off, no difference, I took the brake caliper off, no more rubbing but the noise is still there.

    So there's only the wheel and the speedo thing left, I took the wheel and speedo off and replaced only the wheel.
    The noise was gone, I took the gear out of the speedo and put it back on and still no noise.
    I noticed while spinning the wheel that it has some side to side movement which matches with the rubbing from the brakes.

    The gear inside the speedo looks ok so I assume the wheel movement is causing stress on it causing the sound rather than the speedo being the issue.

    I have uploaded a video of the wheel movement:

    the speedo wasn't on while spinning so the inital movement is from me spinning the wheel, it doesn't look like it makes much difference if the speedo is there or not in regard to the movement. I did notice there is a fairly quiet click once per revolution.

    and a recording I made on my phone in my pocket that you can hear the rubbing as I rode in this morning:

    I took another look over the bike for damage from when I dropped it but I can't see any damage on the forks, brakes, wheel, disc or tire so I'm not sure, if the wheel movement is the issue, what has been warped or if it's not the wheel what the issue is.

    Sorry it's a long one. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, any help is apperciated.
  2. Not mechanically minded either, but definitely looks like the wheel is off balance / out of kilter. Have heard forks can get knocked out of alignment in a drop or crash and should be reset in the triple. That vid looked in my uneducated opinion like the axle is out of alignment. Either way I dare say its not good and will get worse without being rectified. Therefore, I'd have it into the shop show them you data and get a professional opinion..
  3. Doesn't look like anything unusual to me with the wheel. Runout is measured on the wheel itself, not the tyre. Tyres can be a couple of mm out and not affect anything. The sound is more like a dry spot on the chain or a little rough spot on a brake disk, and things that sound like they're coming from the front aren't necessarily. If you've already got the front wheel off, check the bearings for any notchy spots. Just stick your finger in the bearing's inner race and turn it. You'll be able to feel any notches if they're there when you turn it.
  4. Sorry guys, thanks for the help, forgot all about replying.
    I took it to the local garage, they took it for a spin and said it was fine.
    The noise didn't happen while it was there, it returned one for a ride but I haven't heard it since.
    Not sure what it was but they ok'ed the brakes, disc, wheel etc so I'm happy.