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rubber scuff marks burnt onto chrome exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RodSyd, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Well the title pretty much covers the problem, I've tried warm soapy water with no luck. I even had a go scraping it with a block of wood, the thinking being wood would be softer than chrome but harder than rubber so wouldnt leave permanent scratches, the rubber is still there though. I dont want to try steel wool but its all I can think of as the next step up. Has anyone had any luck with this cleaning situation?

  2. exact same problem i had.
    i reverted to steel wool and it came off and didn't damage the pipe.
    i used that "soft" steel wool which is pretty fine and worked on it slowly with soapy water... maybe test the steel wool on the underside of the pipe first?

    good luck
  3. get a cutting/buffing compound and go crazy. or take it to shop, 20 second job with a circular buffer.
  4. its booked in for 1st service Tuesday, I might try and wangle a buff out of them if its that small a job with the right tools. Failing that, gently gently with a scourer sounds like the go if you got no scratches browny, I might try one of those teflon scourers first to be extra cautious.
  5. Grab some autosol and it will be gone in seconds.
  6. +1
  7. +2 been using it for years. It'll take burn't on oil (see the bike I ride) off the pipes in no time and over the years thers been rubber from the boots too.
  8. also try softening it with WD40/CRC
  9. +3 - king of the chrome
  10. well it sounds like autosol is the preferred solution, thanks guys I'll grab some next time I'm near an automotive shop. I'm pretty confident this is not going to be a oneoff cleanup job so having an easy at home solution would be good.
  11. yeah it rocks... then again i have a shelf in the garage dedicated to waxes, cleaners and other things that make stuff look good.
  12. so for that other problem im having...whats on the shelf in your bedroom???
  13. mainly pictures of your mum
  14. thats a bit off...dont think that will work for me
  15. well its your choice. my door is always open.. because the handle is slippery and i cant close it
  16. You could also try good ol' oven cleaner. The spray can stuff. Spray it on slightly warm pipes & leave overnight. Wash off then polish with your favourite metal polish. Works a treat.