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rtcb rides

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dr50376272, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. im returning to brisbane after living in japan for 6 years.
    want to finish my masters of business administration.
    right now i am in sydney until tomorrow for all you ip address lovers.
    i play to get a good used yz450, ktm 450, or cr450 and do those rctb rides, but i got no mates who love dirt bikes.
    im 32, again, will live in brisbane, near QUT.
    anyone from around this area?
    email removed

  2. why have you put your email here?? people can reply to this or pm you...
  3. Welome, there are a few brissy riders, so keep an eye on the qld local rides if you like
  4. Hey dr, welcome to Netrider mate, and back to Oz. I've been back in the country for ~10mths (Hong Kong for 8yrs, absent from home - Melbourne for 16yrs prior to return).
    Being Japan you've come back from, I sincerely hope no close/loved ones were/currently are affected by the trauma caused by the Earthquake/Tsunami/Radiation woes.
    Best of luck with the bike hunt & happy settling down back in Oz (y)