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NSW RTA's, Crash helmet guide & rating.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Oct 27, 2011.

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  2. Noticed this today myself.
    I'm a little bit nervous about the seeming alliance between RTA and TAC though - does not bode well for NSW riders...
  3. Is this admission that the AS standard is useless?

    Its funny that the Rjays and the Shark, some of the cheaper ones are the "safest" for full face. Although another Rjays is the worst.
  4. The rating system has gone through several significant changes with the aim of improving the level and clarity of information provided to motorcyclists. The rating system now provides a five-star rating system that better reflects the comparative performance beyond that required by AS/NZS 1698.

    It gives you test data to make comparisons that the manufacturers will not give you - so you can see who exceeds AS1698 who just meets it etc
  5. Interesting to see Shoei TZR 9th on the list... Ahead of cheaper 'inferior' models...
  6. Interesting site, and potentially more useful for Australian riders than, say, Sharps because it covers local market lids. I'll have to look more closely at what they say about test procedures when I have more time.
  7. Why do we pay AS then? Shouldn't AS provide these ratings?
  8. I rang the RTA - no one there has heard of this rating system lol - epic fail
  9. quote

    Frequently Asked Questions
    By law, motorcyclists MUST wear an approved helmet when riding on a motorcycle. As a rider or pillion passenger, you should choose a helmet that provides the highest available level of protection, as well as ensure it fits your head and is fastened correctly.
    Can I use a helmet I have brought with me from overseas?

    No. Helmets purchased from overseas do not comply with Australian Standards. In addition, the Australian Standard for motorcycle helmets is one of the most stringent in the world.


  10. The trouble is
    Doesn't actually mean anything though does it?

  11. This is only true if you're a bureaucrat or a lawyer.
    If a Shoei XR1100 is sold here, then one bought from overseas does in fact comply with the safety component of the standards. All except for the bit where they test some from the container imported and put on the little sticker.

    If the government wants to keep AS1698 they need to start applying it to whole model runs, not just containerloads specifically brought here.

    It wouldn't exactly be difficult to order one from overseas every few months and retest it to make sure shoei aren't shipping dodgy lids to China.
  12. How many helmets have you certified ?

    How do you know that the o/seas model is exactly the same ?

    is the local toyota camry the same as the one in the middle east ?
  13. Whilst I agree that the OS helmet wont nessecarly pass 1698 that doesn't actually make it any less safe.
  14. And I will concede that SOME o/seas models may be the same - but unless you have it in writing from the manufacturer than I will not believe it.
  15. my icon airframe was purchased from o/s and it's exactly the same helmet as the icon airframes sold here.
    same make, same model, same graphics, made in the same factory.

    coincedence ?

    well no, because it's the same ****ing helmet.
  16. i think it's impossible for any helmet to fail AS1698 going by that site.
    rating of 1-5, worst to best
    1 star = meets as1698
    1 star = poor

    not like we did'nt allready know this with no shortage of cheap crappy helmets for sale here, with as1698 cert.
    the cheaper and crapper the easier to get them on shelves here for sale at affordable pricing.
    if not for the rort we'd be paying less for better quality
  17. Have to back up Takamii here. I have a friend who is an engineer for Holden and he told me that the same car is built with different safety equipment depending on the country of delivery. So it might well be true that the same applies to helmets, even though they haven't got as many features as a car does. But visor fitings, visor quality, fasteners, etc. could be different.

    In fact, I have been riding overseas recently and had a helmet from my brother which had a fastener for the strap that would be illegal in Australia (here, only double D rings are permitted as fasteners).

    My problem with the list as per the link is, that I have got a helmet which isn't listed (HJC IS-16). While the HJC helmets have rated ok, there can be quite a difference between different models as shown by RJays. So, if you don't want to buy exactly the helmet as tested here, not much use to you.

  18. And that's how simple it could be.
    "Dear Shoei

    Can you please confirm that the following models are constructed identically for all markets

    Australian Standards board"

    I get that it's not necessarily straight forward.
    But the current system where we lock ourselves in to overpriced helmets because we think we're special
    and can't work in with standards elsewhere seems absurd
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  19. Why would the ASB do that? The importers have to pay them to comply with AS, how happy would they be not to be able to recover those costs.
  20. I wanna see Aldi's helmets in the test