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NSW RTA to be killed off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rjbsmith, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Not sure I agree with combining the RTA and NSW Maritime, but it's good to finally see the back of the RTA!


  2. Is Soames losing his job too?
  3. Why do I have a cynical suspicion that the main beneficiaries will be the printers doing the new letterheads?
  4. You can put lipstick on a pig...

  5. Yeah that article has been updated since I first read it and I'm still unsure what real impact if any it will have to anyone apart from those whose positions will be cut/restructered.

    Apart from "focussing on the customer" these is really no substance to it, at this point anyway.
  6. Different name, same shit?
  7. And make it PM?
  8. I've seen restructures at the NSW government level. Absolutely nothing will change, other than the name and a few people pushed to what amounts to 'unassigned' (I cannot remember the correct name for the category), which means they're paid to do nothing for 6 or 12 months while they look for another position to temp into within NSW Govt.
  9. just get rid of soames or whatever his name is and il be happy
  10. Soames Job is a cousin of a mates ex wife,suprise suprise he is a nob away from work as well
  11. That's one of the key requirements for The Job.
  12. The August 2011 edition of Wheels magazine has extensive coverage on the RTA in NSW and how the new NSW government minister is giving it a shake up.

    If only they could do the same to VicRoads.
  13. Barry DID say before the last election (the one the Libs lost) that this would be a priority of business if he won. I pressed both he and his Deputy to re-affirm this commitment before March 26th with no answer, so it's pleasing to see that he has carried though....