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NSW RTA refusal of number plate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. RTA refusal of number plate (Appeal won :) so plates issued)

    Hi guys,

    Hope I posted this in the right area...
    Basically the story goes that I wanted the number plate 'BANGA' due to this being my surname. However the RTA has refused to let me have the plate due to it being considered 'offensive'.
    I was told by a fellow student at university that a similar case came up last year and in the end the RTA conceded the plate to the other person.

    Does anyone here know what the process of appeal is? Or what steps I can take to try and get this number plate?
    How odd that the RTA consider BANGA to be offensive haha

    Further below is the communications between me and the RTA so far..

    I sent an email to the rta saying the following:
    I am looking at getting the number plates 'BANGA' but the content is coming up as not available. However I have been told that it is possible that it is not coming up due to the content being deemd offensive.
    I would just like to check the reason and also if it is due to being considered offensive I would like to state that my surname is BANGA hence I would like to get the name on my number plate.

    Thank you for your help"

    RTA replied:


    The RTA has the responsibility to ensure that number plates issued would not be deemed unsuitable or offensive by the general public. The RTA also reserves the right to decline to issue, or withdraw from issue any number plate which is considered to be offensive or in bad taste.

    In this instance it is noted that this plate "BANGA' coincides with your surname, however after further consideration of your application by this Authority, it has been decided that the above plates are not appropriate to be displayed on a registered motor vehicle/cycle in NSW.

    Thank you."

    To which I further sent the following email:

    "Could you please let me know what the process is to appeal this decision?


    Finally the RTA replied with the following:

    I have forwarded your enquiry onto our complaints case manager. It may help to provide your licence number to me also, so I could pass that on, thanks."
  2. typical response from a government department, they will respond but NOT answer, in this case why and by whom it was deemed offensive.

    I knowits your surname but it does sound a bit like BANG-ER or BANG-HER.
  3. Not a chance that someone already has the plate.

    If not, ask them on what grounds it was deemed offensive, let them give reason for refusal....
  4. haha,
    i had a mate who somehow got the plate OMGWTF on his rx8. wonder how banger is any worse?
  5. tell them your also a butcher by trade and bangas are your best sellers (hell tell them you advertise your snags as bangas also and have yet to recieve any complaints lol)

    This countrys gone completely anal I reckon - I personally see no issue with "banga" especially if its also your surname surely that should count (you should ask them if saying banga in public gets a fine from vicpol these days too lols, maybe ur surname has been deemed illegal LOL)
  6. Its out of control, they banned "Fifi" (a Greek nickname) because it meant the c word in indonesian.

    Personally I wouldnt bother with the explanation. Its obvious why the dont allow it and they arent going to change their mind.
  7. Haha thanks guys,

    Would I be better off waiting for a response from the complaints manager before I ask what the grounds for refusal were or just ask straight away?

    Lol, I really would love to know how 'OMGWTF' got through and that just makes it even stupider in a sense for 'BANGA' to be refused.

    Good point Prawns haha
    So that means Kangaroo Bangas should also be deemed offensive as well...
  8.  Top
  9. Oh god, there's a radio presenter called Fifi Box 8-[

    Ban her name!

    EDIT: Read a bit further, good thing it wasn't 'Fifi'...
  10. Whoops my mistake
  11. I should probably also add that my brother already has the plate 'B4NGA' and the RTA has no problems in me getting 'BAN6A'
    All inherently meaning the same haha
  12. Just keep pestering them mate, they love it. Or worse case scenario you'll have to change your name to something that isn't dirty.

    If you get the plates, then get a mate to get 'LeevR'. Should look good together.
  13. I ordered KMKZE when they announced custom plates for bikes. Then I asked myself why the **** I wanted to pay the RTA even more money than I have to?

    But I still think KMKZE is the best plate ever. Wonder if somone else got it?
  14. KMKZE is available....

    Attached Files:

  15. I tried to get PEN 15. They knocked me back.
  16. That would be because it's already out here. I've seen it.

    And so is OMFGWTF
  17. Wait isn't OMFGWTF 7 digits so how would that work?
  18. stuff all of you. i've now been playing with the idea of getting personalised plates - which would mean transferring from QLD to NSW rego, which would mean more money probably, and then money for the plates. let alone the time i've wasted! 40 minutes playing with plate ideas. and not to mention i've now found the perfect one that i want!
  19. Custom plate v standard plate. Can be more than 6 char. It may have been OMFG-WTF ... I forget. I saw that one in a rice-burner car mag - fast 4s or something. The PEN15 one I actually saw driving around.
  20. there going to ban all letters annd numbers for bikes its part of the plan toget us off the road .....im not parenoid i know there out to get me!