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QLD RTA questions for registrating unreg'd bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by shonofear, May 13, 2011.

  1. hey ya'll
    main question is about needing to actually take my currently unregistered bike (no plates) into the QLD RTA, do they need to actually view it, for VIN etc?

    if not needed, ill be picking me bike up from mechanics today and prob just ride it home on the back streets (yes not completely legal) and go into transport without bike later on?

    OR maybe I should just pay the extra $20- for peace of mind to 'legally' ride it for the day from the mechanics to RTA, since its got no plates etc.

    though, old mate said you can talk ya way out of it if pulled over, show em on ya way to get Rego etc. with Blu slip... 8-[

    Last question.
    I brought the bike from an auction and can't seem to find the reciept of purchase, is it totally needed to show to RTA that I brought/now own the bike and guessing its probably needed for stamp duty ?


  2. It's pretty unlikely the grouchy old ladies will actually get off their perches and come out to view the bike, that's at Helensvale at least. It could be different at your local RTA, it really depends who you get. You could get some young noob that insits she look at the bike but the majority won't leave their desks. Thats my experiance from registering three bikes with them, none were looked at. I've always brought the bike just in case though.

    You won't have any issues with police as long as you have a licence to ride the bike and have all the paperwork on you and you're headed straight to the RTA.

    RTA don't care about viewing the reciept either. As long as your form is completed and you have the safety certificate you're good to go. Good luck. : )
  3. what paperwork exactly? ive only got my recent blue slip RWC thats all.
    anyway, going in to get the day pass anyhoo.

    cheers for info though
  4. I pre-print out the rego forms, fill them out and carry them with me. Don't have to but it saves time and shows your intent if you do actually get pulled over.
  5. haha, just went to local RTA at Currumbin and she was like, why don't you just register it now?
    i had me proof of purchase/RWC with me and im like, oh yea, can I :p
    so came out with REGO/Plates and new biker look photo with leather jacket on (renewed license)
    win win,
    now awaiting call to pick bike up then open road FREEDOM.
    and she said only 1% of people actually check VIN
  6. hey Sheepy
    since your also from Goldy, where should I pick up some gloves from locally?
    ill be in Nerang soon so plenty of bike stores with choices
    are winter ones needed here (im thinking no)
  7. Awesome! Congrat's - time to hit the road and a beautiful day for it too! :D

    Nah, decent leather gloves are enough. I have a few sets, I was using thin vented summer ones when it was hot but have recently switched to my regular gloves. Just normal leather gloves that cover my wrists, the summer ones didn't.

    The Motorcycle Accessory Shop up the road a hundred metres from Hinterland Motorcycles has a pretty good picking, Team Moto Honda also has a few glove options upstairs in the accessories area.