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RTA posts free posters

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Supernego, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. RTA gives away free posters and other “community education materials online.â€
    Free + free delivery (NSW)
    posters like
    + leaflets for kids, pedestrians etc etc, delivered to you for free

  2. yes, nice yellow Monster in those ads !
  3. Minimal photoshopping required for amusement, too.
  4. Don't leave us hangin' 'tulu!
  5. Im a star at last im a Star lmao Micky thats me in those RTA stills woohooooo, and yes the little monster was nice i wanted to keep it lol
  6. some good adverts.

    too bad that other 'anti bike' states like oh I don't know, SOUTH AUSTRALIA won't adopt any advertising that encourages car drivers to look out for bikes.

    all our bike safety advertising is about how we speed too much & it's all our fault.
  7. yes, You told me Bob !

    Let me just walk over to me tapedeck again and press Rewind, then Play.
  8. *sigh*

    oh fine then... but I don't have photoshop, just MSPaint :p


  9. nah Micky you just keep walking round in circles mate :p , and yeh so i got oldtimers disease lol
  10. lol this would be a good prank to pull on someone, order like 1000 posters and have them delivered to someone you don't like.

    Not that I condone the wasting of paper in any way... :shock:

  11. sheeesh !
    Next thing you'll be saying your the camel in the RAV4 comercials !
  12. Lmao Oi i resemble that comment Micky :LOL: