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RTA NSW having payment problems via electronic bpay etc

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by py1013, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. just so any NSW riders are aware, RTA has had bpay problems for last 3 days not processing payments done this way...

    I paid my rego via bpay on wednesday.....rang every day to check this and they said not done yet....finally got a person on the phone who did some checking and it had hit my licence details but not registered and they were going to send me a refund cheque!

    sort of defeats the purpose of paying it if they wont accept it then want to send you a cheque.....i got the guy to apply the money i paid against the outstanding amount and am now registered again..

    moral of the story...do it in person at the RTA...
  2. I always prefer to do most things 'the old fashioned way'

    Atleast you have the sence of 'security' that you've paid and that nothing is going to come back and bite you on the arse!
  3. How were you Bpaying, at a bank, Post office etc or over the net?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Hopefull via internet banking. Easy peasy, no cost involved. Dunno why people rock up to the PO to pay their bills, particularly when they have to go to the bank or ATM to withdraw the cash, then go to the PO to pay the bills.

    What annoys me is that when I'm standing in line to collect a parcel or to get a stamp for a letter, that some drongo in the front is paying 10 bucks of this bill, $15.70 off that bill and $18.90 off another one...

    Sorry if I'm going off at a tangent here. But when you mentioned paying bills at the PO it more or less set me off. It's one of those ultimate "what cheeses me off" things.
  5. TESTIFY! I hate that too, always a bloody bogan "oh mate, here's $3 in change, can I pay some of that bill with that, and there's $22 on this credit card, so use that, and here's my ATM card with $11.70.
    Then they get the shits when they still don't have enough money!
    There should be a Bpay line at the PO for the numptys.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. i paid via bpay from my nab account on internet.....

    i did leave out that i copped a fine and didnt have paperwork on me so may have to pay a $461 fine ( copper was a good guy and said he could have fined me more but i seemed genuine to him )....

    rang RTA and they said "do you know it takes 3 business days" to process..........

    another standard response from a govt dept....

    letter off to debt recovery requesting waiving of fine......

    happy to take this to court if it doesn't get up.......i did it all legitimately and they sat on the money for several days....
  7. That three business day thing must be new then. I did my rego electronically late last year and it was all done within a day. Yet another "improvement" in services from the RTA.
  8. Went to pay rego on the 250 yday at Corowa RTA branch. Get there before 4, 415 she says, " Im sorry but looks like I wont be able to serve the rest of you today, will be a while here with this customer, but wait just in case" So thats @ least 20 mins he was being served that we know of.

    430 comes around, still serving this guy, when we hear, "Sorry closed now, cant serve you, you will have to come back" Well thats dandy if you live in town. Not all of us can get back the next day. Ended up putting all the paper work with credit card details in one of those quick serve envelopes. Son1 now riding around with no rego. Lets just hope if coppers pull him over its a local, @ least they know the BS that goes on with the RTA & its branch in Corowa.

    What happened to good ol customer service? oh wait gov department, no such thing. Hell at least the banks lock the doors & serve those already in there waiting when clock off time comes around.