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RTA gone mad(der)...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fozzy, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Short story:

    Sat my LR licence a few weeks back, passed, got the new licence printed and noticed that the P restriction had dissapeared. Not supposed to be off restrictions till the 5th of Oct so I rang the RTA to check - the guy checked it out, phoned me back and acknowledged they'd mad a mistake and entered the dates wrong, but said "thanks for letting us know, so we can see if it's a wider problem than just your licence. But as you only have 6 weeks to go - keep your unrestricted license, we see no need to revoke it." He did say that there might be a 0.1% chance that I'd receive a letter within a week or so advising otherwise - I waited the week, no letter so got all excited, went out and upgraded my bike, sold the old one and booked a bike trip away.

    Chapter 2
    Today I receive a letter, unsigned on dodgy RTA letterhead with more mistakes than a 10 year olds english homework demanding that I surrender my full licence within 14 days to the Engadine RTA (60Ks from me ???!!). The best part is that the last day of the 14 days falls 3 DAYS BEFORE I WAS DUE TO COME OFF RESTRICTIONS ANYWAY!!!

    This annoys me. :twisted: They expect me to drive a 120K round trip, surrender my full licence and then go and re-pay for and collect my full licence 3 DAYS LATER!

    The world has officially gone mad.

    I"m not going to do it BTW - I'll be ringing them tomorrow and telling them not to be so ridiculous.

    Not like I didn't try to do the right thing and correct the mistake...

    Honestly - do you surrender your brain at the door before you take a high level job at the RTA?

    (no offence to anyone who works for the RTA - I'm sure you're great people - I just feel sorry for you. :p )

  2. Yup, I seriously am thinking of trying to go work there, and stirring some $hit up. Honestly, they're such asshats!
  3. The pre-requisite for working in any government organisation in Australia is an IQ below 70 - didn't you know? :twisted:
  4. Be very very careful here.
    If you get pulled over the system will show you as having a restricted licence.
    You will then be done for riding an out of class bike etc....
    And I don't like your chances of fighting it.
  5. Yeah, checked that cause that's what I was worried about - It's not true - at this point their records show that I have been unrestricted since the 15th of July. I asked all those questions when they said I was right to go - including what would happen if I was pulled over, or made an insurance claim and the licence check was done. They said all of their records and systems show that I am unrestricted as of the 15th of July so there would be no problem. I laboured the point at the time wanting to do the right thing and the guy told me that for once red tape had worked in my favour and to go and enjoy it.

    Anyway, I'm about to ring them - will let you know what happens.
  6. I see nothing unusual about their request. Be no different if it were VicRoads. Having dealings directly with these dept's the last 20 years, You get used to dealing with morons. :roll:
  7. Off the phone - sanity reigns.

    Bizzare thing happened though - the same guy who picked up my call just now is the guy I spoke to weeks ago when the issue first came up. He remebered the situation and what I'd been told - then rang the RTA in Engadine and spoke to the guy who issued the letter. They both agree that I should not do anything with the letter until after the 5th of Oct at which time I'll go in and they'll just ammend the dates and extend my licence. Told me that even though the 5th is after the 14 day notice, all that could happen is they'll issue me a followup letter where they have to by law give another 7 days notice after which I'll be in the clear.

    So still have to go in and ammend the dates, so it's still a bit of a pain - but as far as they are concerned I continue to have a full licence issued to me and I am free to ride under it with no conditions.

    Bunch of geese! HONK!


    But I've dodged a bullet and it looks like for the first time ever, red tape has in fact worked in someone's favour! :grin:
  8. NSW voters sick of the incompetence of the RTA have no-one to blame but themselves. The Opposition promised that the first thing they would do when they won the last State election would be to disband and abolish the RTA. Enough people voted for the Carr-Crash to ensure that that didn't happen :(.
  9. If you want to check just for your own piece of mind you can log into the My Records section on the RTA website.


    Its meant to be to check your demerit points but when you log in it also states what type of licence you currently hold.
    Eg - the day i upgraded i checked it before i went and it stated p's, checked it when i got back from the RTA and it said unrestricted.
    From previous experience i wouldnt trust what the RTA says over the phone.
    At least this way you will definately know whether you are listed as having a full licence or P's before you have to try and explain your story to a cop.
  10. I received a Telstra bill yesterday showing a one cent credit. After opening it I noticed it was for the guy who owned the house before me . . . six years ago. That bill would have cost Telstra at least $2.50 to send out.

    All large organisations have automated systems and processes, and most do not have reality checks built into them. It was good that the humans you spoke to were able to sort it out. That's not always the case.

    PS: I'm going to return the bill to Telstra with a "Sender no longer at address" note. That will cost them another 50 cents or so, plus the cost of processing. Perhaps they will take the hint and close the account, instead of wasting money maintaining it. :roll:

    Or maybe I should forward it to the last address I have for him, since I'm pretty sure he doesn't live there any more, so the letter could keep bouncing, and incurring cost. :LOL:
  11. Funny you mention that. George Bush's IQ was tested and he got 75? So technically he is classed as mentally retarded and yet he is the President of US haha.

    Back to topic, that sucks balls. Even if i did agree to take it back, i wouldn't do the travel. Try talking to them again, maybe u shouldnt have said anything :)

    Good luck with that.
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