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NSW RTA EPA roadside inspection

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dezmonster, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Mate of mine who is a tow truck driver gets the heads up on operations warned me the RTA and EPA are planning a roadside vehicle inspection on the Nth Beaches Sydney this weekend and maybe next,
    so good time to avoid the run to the beaches if your bike or car is not stock.

  2. I know they inspect trucks but how does this work for other vehicals.Do they flag you over like an RBT,never struck this.What powers do they have to stop and check you in a traffic stream.
  3. The fact that the RMS is the statutory authority for Roads and Traffic, they too can conduct random safety checks using the same powers they use for heavy vehicles.
  4. How does this work,some bloke with a funny coloured shirt steps out into traffic with a lite up wand and pulls you over.What happens if you don't stop.They jump into there Ute and chase you.I am pretty old and have never struck this,cops pull you over,yes.I bet 90% of the population wouldn't have a clue who they are and what power they have to do this.I have seen them do stuff with the cops on THOSE cop TV shows,but not on there own
  5. When I've seen it before, even for heavy vehicles, the police (generally HWP) have been in attendance, mainly to chase down people who don't pull over, and make arrests as required.
  6. They work just like an RBT with an area set up to pull vehicles over into. Their vehicles have flashing lights too (mainly/all red I think), you wont miss it if you are being called in.
  7. Well I'm in a pickle then living in Mona Vale... they've set up on Mona Vale Rd (near Kimbriky Tip, Ingleside) in the past from memory. Maybe I'll play safe and use McCarrs Creek Rd when I head up there today as it rejoins Mona Vale Rd just past there ;)
  8. just be careful mr blaise as i've noticed out here when it comes to rbt's every now and then they change it up slightly to catch out people that avoid the normal location...luckily last time i got waved through at an rbt (i know they are not what we are talking about here but they set them up & run them in a similar manner)

    god help me if the bastards ever pull me over on the zxr....that thing is a rolling crime against the planet.
  9. That started last night Friday
    From reports there were close to twenty Hwy patrol cars around the area