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RTA Comments (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lowercase, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. This morning I was shocked. I was riding along Epping Road, just prior to the start of the bus lane and Epping Boys High, and my jaw literally would not close. My eyes coming out of my head almost and I'm in a weird mind-set.

    I'll explain...

    About a month ago, I sent a comment to the RTA via their website informing them that the bus-lane prior to Epping Boys High School (EBHS) is becoming increasingly dangerous for motorcycles. The reason being cars - be it school traffic or just general idiots, use the bus lane FAR too early to get into the lane well ahead to turn left for EBHS. They do not indicate, they do not head-check and they try to kill me and many other motorcyclists.

    I told them they need to get a bus-lane camera put in ASAP to prevent any of this crap from happening, and some signs to indicate that it's legal for motorbikes to use the bus-lanes, and if turning into the buslane or merging into it, people should ALWAYS double check for motorbikes as well as a big looming bus.

    This morning - the RTA was there! They were there! I did something and they responded! They were monitoring all the jack-arses coming into the lane (although not as many cause most of them prob thought they'd get booked... ](*,)) - however, there was ONE car who still tried to kill me! And they saw it! Oh man I hope they put some signs up and a camera in there.

    Further ahead there was a line of cops pulling people over, I think for being in the buslane, or general breathtesting, so at least they too saw people trying to kill me in the buslane.


    SOOOOOOOO - anyone who uses Epping Road or any other road they feel is dangerous due to something the RTA could easily fix, PLEASE send in comments to the RTA! If anyone finds the same issues on Epping road, please send in the comments, as the more people they have filing complaints about it the more likely something will get done!


  2. do you commonly cruise past the boys high school.. or just happenned to be there
  3. Every day - to and from work. I don't think I've ever seen a younger cute guy. :-s
  4. Good news....especially after our comments last night about the RTA and lube required lol
  5. Yeash, they give us some damned lube and ask us to bend over and take out money.

    At least, finally, the MIGHT spend it on something other than lube.
  6. Congrats...soon you'll have a bus lane camera and a sign saying "buses only".
  7. Nah, they won't change it to a bus only lane :) If they did that, they know they'd get slandered and someone would die... from murder! 8-[
  8. They're used to death threats, hell that's why they had the bullet-proof glass installed above the counters :)
  9. They're not used to netrider death threats ;)
  10. I passed by that operation this morning as well, although at that time I think they were only just beginning to set up. Didn't know what it was for but it's a good idea to monitor that lane.

    Just in the past 2 weeks since I started using it, I've had far too many careless people merging in. The worst being, some guy who swerved into the lane to turn into the petrol station roughly 5 meters or so away from the ramp, at slow speed, without looking. Then of course he simply had to get on the ramp as slowly as possible, must protect his precious car you see. Was all I could do to brake in time, didn't really have room to change lanes and wasn't game to cut through the gap aside from as a last resort D:

    Incidentally, there is already a lone "buses only" sign on that lane [not talking about the floor paint at the signals, an actual road sign]. I don't know if that should still be there since bikes/taxis just ignore it anyway.
  11. That sign I believe refers to the small section just at the lights.

    Please write to the RTA and voice your concern. As I said, the more requests they get from motorcyclists the better :D
  12. how about writing to them again, thanking them for their response to your complaint. It might ensure a response the next time too if they realise they are appreciated
  13. Already have ;)
  14. Uh oh...
  15. :rofl:
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Lowercase,

    Can you supply the contact info you used?
  18. OMG... i think that's where my boss got a fine this morning. Good work =D>
  19. AHAHAHAHA :rofl: AWESOME! I'm glad I could help :D