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RTA ad campaigns - some people really are that stupid

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bonox, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. How small does this guy have to be!

    Wonder if he was speeding at the time - nah, probably on the phone :D


    "A WOMAN giving another motorist the “small penis†hand gesture – popularised by a driver safety advertising campaign – provoked him lash out in an act of road rage, a court heard.

    Simon Jardak was yesterday convicted and fined $400 for maliciously damaging property after throwing a bottle out his window in anger because the RTA hand gesture offended him."

  2. I wonder if she'll sue the RTA for not warning of the dangers of retribution after using the hand gesture???
  3. Whatever. Here's how it might have gone down.

    Chick does something dumb, get's beeped, returns with insulting gesture. Bloke throws something at her car. :LOL: I can't say I haven't done it. I threw a half full macca's cup of coke in some arsehole's window one time. With the lid off of course.

    Road rage has got a bad name lately. If it deserves rage, it deserves rage, doesnt matter if it's the road or not. ;)
  4. whatever she does, we'll all end up paying for it!
  5. Ahahaha - what a d!ck

    *waves small penis hand gesture at screen*
  6. So, what gesture did the RTA come up with for d*ckhead female drivers? :wink:
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  8. We are becoming more American with every passing day.
    All we need is handguns to finish off the image.
  9. I gotta agree with Cookee, what has that add got against bad women drivers :mad: because ive seen plenty of them.
    Like when im driving every morning, theres always some stuck up rich biatches in their BMW's and Mercedes that fly on past me doing about 10-20k over the limit, weaving dangeriously, makes me cringe.
    Bloody sexism :!:
  10. you give them the gesture too.... they have really really really tiny ones
  11. :rofl:

    Throwing stuff at people who abuse you is hilarious. They're always hard as fcuk until you retaliate, or so I'm told.
  12. Yeah, I think some ads should concentrate on revealing the fact that 90% of dangerous drivers are those who don't realise they're doing anything wrong.

    Something like a soccer mum merging into a bike and killing them because she didn't take half a second to do a head check or indicate.
  13. Only if their window is open though.

    Littering is probably the worst thing to have come out of this incident.
  14. cookee speaks for us all ........