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rsv4 v s1000rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by para, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Just wondered if anyone has either I am over 6`2 so I am leaning towards the Bmw at the moment but I think the rsvr is a awesome bike it`s the bike height on the aprillia that has my concerns,love sports bike as I have said in my intro raced for a few years back in the uk been bikeless for a couple of years hoping to do something about that very soon just would love some feedback from owners of either bikes have test ridden both bikes.

  2. I got to ride my friend's RSV4… I'm 6'3" and it was… not comfortable. Fun, but it's smaller than my F4i.
  3. the aprilia is between a gp250 and a supersport 600 in size... in other words, tiny!

    wicked bike tho.
  4. that was my concern sheppo felt ok with a quick test ride round the block(rsv4) as a track bike would be awesome but on the road after a few hours riding think hmmm looked at the 1198s bit think it is overpriced compared to the other 2
  5. your sig states you've already owned a few 'Prillas
    would you really purchase another one? haven't had any problems getting parts and keeping your RSVs on the road?
  6. This is actually a really good thread, para, as there are many of us no doubt (me included!) who have considered a more thorough comparo of these 2 bikes. I've always loved the RSV4/Aprillia's in general, but the S1000RR seems an overall excellent package as well.

    If I was ever to upgrade, the 2 bikes here in mention plus Ducati 1098/1198s would be my starting point for non-jap bikes, though I do hear (in the distance) faint cries of 'buuuuuusa....'buuuuuusa...'buuUUUUSA !!!! But that's another story ;)
  7. if I was gunna spend that sort of coin, it would be a no brainer...... GO the BMW !!

    I reckon the Aprillia is an exotic and like other exotic bikes, it would be hard to work on, hard to get parts and expensive to keep.

    Even though I ride a kawasaki, Im a BIG fan of German engineering, therefore Im tipping that the BMW would be better engineered and more reliable too.

    for what its worth..... thats my opinion

  8. BMW also has all the goodies like quick shifter, ABS, and traction control that makes Ducati's 8-stage technological wonder look as sophisticated as a wooden club. It is a physically larger bike, puts out a real 190hp at the rear wheel (more than the others put out at the crank) and has BMW emblazoned on it.

    All for a few grand more than an R1. Dude, get it.

    - boingk
  9. Why dont you look into the RC8. Thats an awesome all round bike
  10. I am waiting to see what the Japanese bring out to compete with the BMW

    But many find it as ugly as two dogs humping
  11. Kwaka's ZX is going big-bang format, the new Ducati will have a revised bore:stroke ratio of 1.85:1 (Current is 1.6:1) and possibly a monocoque frame, the Hondas will most likely get variable valve timing for more bottom end poke and topend rush, and I have no idea what Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia & KTM have in store. Apparently Aprilia are pissed at having to use the 1.6:1 bore:stroke ratio when the new homologation limit would have suited their V4 much better, so its anyones guess as to what happens there.

    Yeah, but if you're buying the bike for other people then I think you're missing the point. The hell with everyone else, I say buy what *you* want.

    - boingk

  12. No you miss the point the KTM may be okay technically but I for one would not buy it because I consider it ugly
  13. Ah, righteo. Well, fair enough. I wouldn't buy a bike I thought was ugly, either. :D

    - boingk
  14. Looks Ok to me
  15. I seriously detest the screen/light front assembly

  16. Kinda reminds me of the halo video games, but not as much as the Benelli triples...

    - boingk
  17. some great comments defiantly given me a few pointers think the bmw is winning but you never know! was also thinking of waiting to see what happens ref to 2011 bikes aprillia are making some changes to rsv4 but there are some great deals at the moment.
  18. I guess, apart from bike features/latest technology/vlaue for money..yadaa, yadaa, yaaadaaaa, a bike's physical dimensions might come into play also para.
    Seat height might be an issue for a shorter rider, whereas the small overall dimensions might be 'crammed' for a taller rider.
    Waiting for 2011 sounds like a great idea mate ! Best of luck with your decision (y)
  19. One more for the *wipes drool emitting from mouth* BMW
  20. I really like it, but that's just me.

    My money, if I had any, would be going to the BMW, simply on a value for money basis.

    All that tech, all that power.