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RSV4 2012 Upgrade for me.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ZX9A6, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Here's my new bike ......well no yet but its going to be the replacement for the GSXR 1000 k4 (The Mono Machine).

    Time has come to upgrade the bike "S" rides (Kitt) that is, she's done so well on the Gixxer I believe the time has come .......and I believe she deserves it!!

    I do have a ? or two.....
    Does anyone on the forum own a 2011 and what do you think of it........Not that it will change my mind, just more curious then anything.


    Cheers B
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  2. Im hoping I can lower this down a bit and all will be well......

    cheers B
  3. How many bikes (all top marques) have you got now Bruce?? Wasn't there a MV F4 last time I saw you and some other fantastic looking contraption?
  4. Maybe lol.......but the 2012 got a pretty good rap and hey .....they look good :)

    Cheers B
  5. Oh.........she likes the red/black one too :)

    Cheers B
  6. Yeah baby.
  7. You'll love it !!!

    V faw ! roar

    and APRC rocks !

  8. I just bought an 07 R1 and love it whole heartedly.....but you sir are buying my DREAM bike!

    Awesome choice, and some day I hope to be on one myself.

    V4 exhaust note should be illegal it is that phenomenal!
  9. ooo I liiiike :D
  10. looks nice? understatement, very nice choice indeedee, reckon you'd be havvin to take it for a spin to iron out any bugs in the 'mono' situation? lol
    congrats to you both in the anticiaption to your new addition.
  11. Nice one Mr B. This is one AWESOME looking bike. Congrats. (y)

    What happens to the GSXR now? :)
  12. ^It will have to go at some stage :(

    Cheers B
  13. Congratulations mate. Can I just say one thing bout lowering? Avoid it if you can. If S can get her foot down fully on one side, that's probably okay for weekend stuff.

    Mre often than not, the steering geometry gets ****ed with a lowering.
    If you do end up lowering it, get the suspension sorted by a decent bloke... Just my 2 cents :)

  14. Fully aware what lowering does to the bike.......thanks for your comments :)
    Hoping it doesn't come to that though, but if it does she might have to get elevator boots.......lol

    Cheers B
  15. Kitt is a lucky girl...........

    I wonder............if I grow some piggy-tails..........Hey Bruce! Can I have Tuono? :demon:
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  17. I'm speechless ( bet noone could ever see that happening !! ):twisted:

    I wanna keep my Gixxer too :roll:
  18. When do you guys get to pick it up?
  19. We are going to have a good look tomorrow......a serious look :)

    Cheers B
  20. I've picked this .. how HOT is it !!!

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