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RST Pro Series Ventilator 4 rain fail

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by malJohann, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. I bought the RST Pro Series Ventilator 4 suit with my bike, because I was looking for four season gear and was recommended these by the salesman at Peter Stevens.

    The first three months it worked okay, but add another three months and its leaking on top of my shoulders in hard rain, on my arms and on my stomach even in light rain.

    I suspect the zip-in liners are a bit of a design fail from the start. So, likely going to buy a Drymaster oversuit from RS Taichi. Here's the result from the light drizzle we had in Melbourne this morning and my 30km commute on the Princes Fwy. Not impressed.


    Could have spent a little more for better gear had I known this would happen. I also had some helmet hair crazy monkey edition going on this morning, but that's another matter.
  2. How long have you been riding?

    The reason I ask is that after 18 years of riding I am yet to find ANY motorcycle gear that is 100% waterproof.

    Anything that relies on a water proof liner isn't going to be ideal for real wet weather riding. Ideally it's better to have the waterproofing on the outside preventing the water from getting 'in to' the jacket.
  3. Only three and a half years, all of it daily commuting in any weather. I've never had the money for the more expensive kit, my current RST kit being the most expensive to date.

    The most waterproof gear I've had was a one-piece oversuit with no ventilation, but then it was also a sauna and prone to crotch leakage in heavy rain. Luckily that suit was worn in an area that mostly had winter rain.

    I'd love something like an Aerostitch Roadcrafter or Arma Armaxion, but don't have in excess of $1,200 to spend on a suit. Hence the probable RS Taichi oversuit.
  4. I had a waterproof over suit years ago but found that unless you are absolutely meticulous with doing up the zips and velcro flaps water gets in.

    I have an RST Pro series jacket as well and yes in heavy downpours I get wet. To combat that I actually use the waterproof liner from an old jacket (I lost a lot of weight) as an 'over jacket' in heavy rain and it works well.
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  5. I'm using the RST Pro Ventilator 4 as well. I never really trust anything as 100% but I use just the jacket with liners in showers but if expecting decent rain fall I also chuck my DriRider 1pc Hurricane over the top and that keeps me pretty dry except for the sauna effect that happens when it's warm haha.
  6. This morning i used my DriRider gear. Arrived at work nice n' dry. The rain/drizzle was a pain as it wasn't heavy enough to just hit and bounce off the shield, it sat sat there blurring my vision. Had to keep wiping water off the screen, and the trucks didn't help at all!!

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  7. I spent 15 minutes procrastinating about whether to ride this morning and finally ended up wearing my Holden Commodore wet weather gear.

    Worked a treat 8)
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  8. I have the same jacket and the only problem I have is a bit of a wet spot near my belly button. I suspect it is due to water going up under the jacket and wicking up my T-shirt. Also could be getting through the velcro on the waterproof liner if it becomes bunched up. I also keep a spare shirt and jocks at work incase I get wet through or shit myself...
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  9. Yep is reckon the four shell option is the best or plan for the worst and stash some spare gear at work. Trouble here on the North Coast is that the summer storms come in every day around knock off time. Just in time to catch you half way home and then the sun comes out and humidity goes to 100%. So you get wet from the outside or the inside. No escape.
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  11. Mick, I've found that anything that relies on a liner is no good (as you already know), in my experience, gore-tex coated is the way to go. I've had a BMW (Klim) "all weather" two piece suit and currently a Dainese Stradon jacket with Dainese Lontan trousers. I've ridden through seriously heavy rain for 100's of KMs in both these suits and not drop of water got through.

    Not disagreeing with you - just trying to add to the body of knowledge.
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  12. I haven't tried the BMW gear, can't afford it, likewise the Dainese gear. I have heard that it's the best waterproof bike gear money can buy.

    As an aside, Friday afternoon we had a torrential downpour that I rode home in. 20mm in less than a hour. My $30 wet weather pants held up really well, the over jacket (old liner) not so much, after just a couple of km's I could feel the water leaking through. I must point out that it was still quite warm and I only had a t shirt on under the 'over jacket'.