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RST Pro Series, Paragon Textile Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. It's been some years since I've owned a decent textile jacket so I decided it was time to get one and stop trying to wear leather with some perforation in the middle of winter .

    So off I go to Brighton (Vic) to visit Adrian from MotoHeaven to organise a jacket to cover this temple when I'm riding.

    I pre-warned Adrian that I was coming and to suggest a jacket for me. He said that for the money, you really can't go past the RST gear. It was good quality, had a good reputation and was functional not to mention warm. SOLD!!!!

    So in I go and try on a jacket, seems a little tight but I'll take it anyway.

    Get it home and it's just not right. I was concerned with the fit, it seemed a little too tight around the six-pack insulator.

    I phone Adrian, tell him I need the FB size and he tells me he would call me when it came in. The next day it was in stock (Service, baby!!!!!)
    I went into Brighton to collect the jacket and exchange the first one.

    Now I did remove the tags and only wore it on the bike once when it wasn't raining so I was able to exchange it with no fuss at all.

    Get the jacket home and start to open and close every zip/pocket/press stud etc.

    Here are some of the features as listed by the manufacturer;

    The RST Pro Series Paragon Jacket is a premium waterproof jacket it has:

    A Texland airguard 600D Polyester Cordura and 1680 Ballistic nylon outer shell.

    Scothlite "reflex" piping and reflex panels.

    Sinaqua waterproof membrane.

    Detachable 1500g quilted jacket.

    Detachable neck guard.

    The front has two air vents and the rear has one larger air vent, all covered by waterproof zips which when opened, allow the jacket to be worn all year round. There are matching trousers too.

    I find that it is a decently warm jacket, I did the Icicle ride this year wearing it and all I had underneath it was 2 thermal t-shirts and stayed exceptionally warm and comfortable all night.

    The jacket has 3 internal pockets on the left breast. It's a little hard to explain the location of the pockets but there is one on the zip out liner and 2 on the actual jacket.

    It has 2 pockets above each breast externally and 2 pockets near your waist so you can stand there looking all cool and stuff ;)

    There are 2 air vents on the front near each shoulder and a rather large one on the back which would work as an exhaust I would think.

    There is also a rather large storage pocket that sits around your lower back that is used for storage. A bit like the push bike jerseys.
    A very hand compartment indeed. It's carried a 9" Asus eeepc and it's charger, a neck warmer and some paperwork.

    A neat little feature is the built is, zip out, neck warmer. This is basically a panel that zips to your collar, is secured to your chest via a press stud and velcro's to your collar. When cold, use this panel to keep the cold air off of your neck, a pleasant surprise as there is nothing worse in cold/wet weather than a wet and cold neck.

    It features velcro adjustable waist straps to allow for a snug fit around your "guts" on either side of the jacket.
    There are also 2 adjustable straps that go around each arm. This ensures that it is not flapping around on your arms as you ride. One strap is velcro, the other a press stud.

    The cuffs are velcro and not press stud or zips (thankfully) which makes it easy to do up.

    It also features CE foam armour that is built into the shoulders, back, elbow and forearms. All of the armour is removable and the jacket is machine washable.

    It has 2 draw cords to ensure a snug fit around your waist.
    They do make a matching pair of pants for this jacket and the jacket is fitted with a zip to connect the two together.

    All of the press studs and covered with rubber to avoid scratching any painted surfaces.

    The front has a larger main zip that you do up and then a secondary panel/zip to ensure that the main zip is protected from the rain.

    The zip out liner makes a massive difference to the warmth of the jacket as one would expect from a quilted liner.

    So how does it perform?

    Very very well. It is warm, it is dry and you feel protected when wearing it. It does not feel like a thin plastic shell like my last 15 year old rivet jacket. Great jacket just old technology that did not breathe.

    It's nice to not have to worry about cooking inside the jacket as it breathes quite well and keeps you comfortable during your ride.

    Would I recommend it? Absolutely.
    Value for money, without a doubt.
    How much? brace yourself, it's $349
    Where from, I got mine from MotoHeaven
    819 Nepean Hwy
    Bentleigh VIC 3204
    PH:(03) 9557 6686
    Who: Adrian Letty.

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  2. I have this jacket (and pants) too and couldn't agree with you more. I really like them and like the subtle design, I chose them so it didn't make me look like a superhero power ranger while sitting at the cafe :).
  3. I have this jacket, pants and matching gloves. They are ok but not waterproof in a downpour. In extreme conditions you'll get wet through, which happened to me on a 2 hour ride to Ballarat last year when I also got hypothermia and passed out.

    The "neckwarmer" only helps a little bit and a fleecy type neckwarmer does a better job.

    Part of the stitching of the lining has gradually been coming apart in one place and the outer front zip has been coming apart the last few times I've ridden (the jacket is on the large size for me so not too tight).

    There isn't much gear out there that's really 100% waterproof and for anything but a downpour the gear is up to the task, ie, nice and warm. It's probably priced about right.
  4. Thanks Flinders.

    I have a completely waterproof jacket in that 15 year old Rivet. It's plastic, it does not breathe but **** me it's waterproof. I've been in many torrential downpours and came out of it completely dry.

    Let's hope the stitching holds up. Mine isn't too "figure hugging" so there is no strain on the seams :D
  5. I had both my jacket and pants replaced because the stitching was coming apart after just a week. On the jacket it was around the velcro on the wrists, on the pants it was on one of the seams. Peter Stevens replaced them both without question though, second lot has been fine.

  6. I've got this jacket and matching pants. They both leak after riding the rain for more than 20 minutes. I took the first jacket back to the shop where I bought it from and got a replacement, but the replacement leaked also, albeit a bit more slowly. I've got two friends that also have this jacket and they both say that they are not waterproof. We all agree that they are warm as toast and comfortable to wear, but waterproof... definitely NOT!
  7. I read the label on the inside of the jacket and it stated that you should use silicone spray to extend it's waterproof qualities.
    *shrug* I just assumed that a winter jacket would be made with a gore-tex layer to make it waterproof. Guess not.

    I have had a small amount of water around my navel area (no, not around my ankles :p)

    Problem I have is that if I use the Rivet jacket my clothes end up wet from sweat and if I wear the new one, I get a wet gut :?
  8. Ive got on of these as well and it does its job pretty well. Definately not waterproof in a downpour but i just chuck over a waterproof jacket and all is sweet. Nice and warm through the Canberra Winter
  9. I to start with a wet stomach, then the water runs down into the pants leaving me with wet balls, then travels around to my arse and then down the backs of my thighs. Beawtiful!

    I'm interesting to hear others that have RST jackets say they leak as well. When I took my first jacket back into PS in the city the RST rep happened to be in the shop. He looked at the jacket in disbelief and at me like I was the first and only person in the world to have experienced the woeful waterproofing of the jacket.

    RST clearly state the jacket is waterproof. I've had my gear for about year now. Do you reckon it's a bit too late to take it back to PS for a refund or that stretching it a bit? The stiching on the pants is coming apart as well.
  10. vic, no amount of clothing could cover your gut hence why it always gets wet :)
  11. I have one as well and found that water seems to be able to seep through the lower zipper area making your belly button area of the tum all wet.

    Also have an RST overjacket that is light weight and leaks as well.
    I also have a Shift Equator overjacket that really IS the dogs balls and also cheaper than RST (although I cannot remember how much)

    Think they look better than they perform IMHO

  12. You have to look carefully at the type of Cordura used. The Cordura should be way over 600Denier if it is to be waterproof but many don't know about this. Xtreme has a range of 600 Denier jackets that are GUARANTEED 600D- and they are amazingly very well constructed. They have CE approved armour and THAT is VERRY important. They also attach themselves with both long and short zips to trousers. I have seen them at AMX outlets- extremely comfortable with quilted linings (removable). They are really GREAT value for money!!