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RST Paragon boots

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Jacob33, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Netrider and wanted to contribute with a review.

    After riding in workboots and trainers for way too long it was time to get serious about getting a proper set of riding boots. After trying a number of brands I settled on the RST Paragon.


    The good:

    Sturdy, solid and very comfortable. Well made. For a new motorcycle boot user the biggest difference is the protection my ankles get from lateral movement and how strongly they feel around my feet when shifting gears and stopping at a set of traffic lights. Also being quite high, the Paragons have excellent shin protection. I've only used them in the rain twice, but so far waterproofing works 100%. The soles provide good grip on bitumen as well as indoor surfaces. I ride to Uni most weekdays and carry a pair of sneakers in the topbox, so all day comfort isn't an issue.

    The bad:

    Walking up and down stairs is a bit of a pain - the limited motion means you do have to concentrate. They're chunky under jeans and give a pronounced L shape to the bottom of your legs. Your feet get a bit hot in them. The length of these boots makes it hard to store much else in my topbox and I usually end up carrying my jacket.


    Even though there are compromises, the RST Paragon boots have become my favourite bit of gear. I've now owned them for almost a month and wear them on every ride.
  2. Great review! Thanks for the insight!
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