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RST Leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SHEPPO, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    Yesterday i was in a few bike stores looking at leathers. I'm after 2 piece suit, or a jacket & pants combo that zips together. Anyway, yesterday i noticed the very well priced RST gear. Jacket was $400, Pants with knee slider pucks included, were $350.

    So i tried on the jacket and pants, zipped it together, and was amazed at how good the fit was for my body. Just for comparison, i tried on the Alpine Star equivalent ($400 more for the combo), and didn't notice a huge increase in comfort, or build quality.

    Now my question is, is the RST gear any good? Any fellow Netriders have this gear and willing to comment?

    I'm definately not after THE best gear. Frankly, i ride only on the weekends when the weather is suitable, and plan to do the occasional track day, maybe 1 every 6 months at the most.

    So basically i'm after gear that's good Bang for Buck. This RST gear seems to fit the bill.

    Feel free to post your experiences with this gear.


  2. got pics of the gear?
  3. I've got RST gloves, they do the job, haven't fallen apart yet, 40,000kms of riding.
    Loz has got RST leathers, I'm sure he'll chime in here soon enough.
  4. from memory the build quality was slightly less than the alpine stars. i think i tried the jacket and pants on but none of them have adequate stretch in the thigh and crotch. make sure to consider stretch and ventilation too, comfort will be a huge factor coming into the warmer weather. i picked up some shift jackets and pants, as they were the most comfortable ones ive tried and they were $1000 together. not too much more than the RST stuff but easily as good as the alpinestars gear.
  5. I have a one piece RST 'Voltage' race suit. Vented and with all stretch panels. Cost $800. Of course it probably isn't the same quality as the Alpine Stars, but at $800, I'm not bothered.

    RST have transferred their manufacturing to new places in Pakistan and their quality is improved from that.
  6. You might also want to check out the Teknic Chicane 2 piece suit. I was out looking at 2 Piece leathers on saturday and tried on quite a few suits from the big names...and in my opinion for fitment the Teknic was the best...also the quality looked to be very good...the only issue I had with the suit is that the jacket is very short (I'm 187cm tall though) this put me off as I wanted a jacket I can wear with jeans too, of course this may not be an issue for you.

    The suits is well worth a look, AMX in Bayswater had them for $995.

    As for the RST suit I have a pro series 1 piece, I have not worn it that much yet, but whe it's broken in I'm sure it will be great. It's very well put together with stretch panels in all the right spots and is well ventilated for summer too.
  7. My brother has a teknic 1pce suit and he reckons its very good.He got it from the usa and paid around $1000 for the violator suit, which is much cheaper then here.

    I heard that rst are very similar to alpinestars, even the designs are very similar, dont know about quality though
  8. I have an RST leather jacket.

    some perforation on the front, kept me plenty cool on a 37*C day.

    Nice comfy, well priced.

    Nothing bad to say about them really.
  9. Ive got an RST Rift leather jacket. Find it to be comfy as, a very good fit. Build quality looks very good too. Dunno how true it is, but i was told by someone that some of their stuff is now made in the same factory as A*.
  10. I'm looking at the exact same two piece.

    I have an RST Textile Jacket I've had for nearly 5 years and it's still comfy as ever, sides from being a little dirty you wouldn't tell it's age, and being worn in all weather too :)

    Though need leathers for trackdays etc and with looking to do more longer trips thought leather the safer option to another textile jacket.

    RST are the only brand I have found that have normal sized arms (all the other brands I've tried on don't reach my wrists, or I have ape length arms)
  11. I bought a RST Voltage jacket a few months back. As my first leather jacket, I'm verry happy with it. I tried it on at the shop with the stock back protector removed and used my own, I hardly noticed it was there. Might look into the pant as well.
  12. RST are used as the hire gear at Phillip Island and it holds up pretty well. I reckon it's good stuff for the $$. I have seen plenty of the suits crashed and rashed and the riders have come out of it pretty well, as has the suit in most cases. I'd use it on the street no worries.
  13. If it is the RST RIFT suit it is a good quality value for money 2 peice. It is a road orientated suit as the pants even have pockets. I only have 2 RST textile jackets 1 pair of RIFT textile pants and a pair of gloves but am more than happy with the quality and price of them. We sell RST at work and I find they are better than other brands of the same price range and are as good as some of the dearer brands, RST sizing suits normal people. I have a Collins 2 piece suit that cost $700 including gloves 2 years ago that is great value but if buying again today I would buy the RST.
  14. The leathers aren't bad but the zips are shit.
  15. I think they have updated their zips Loz. I know they have on the textile jackets.

    I have an RST textile jacket, which in heavy rain leaked at the centre of my chest. It wasn't a big problem, since riding in heavy rain is actually pretty rare, but I reported it to the dealer the first time it happened, then again when it happened seven months later. The dealer contacted the distributor to see what they could suggest.

    The distributor replaced the seven month old jacket, no objections, even though they (and I) couldn't work out where it was leaking from. I am yet to test the new one in heavy rain, but the reason for the post was that I thought that was pretty outstanding customer service from the RST distributor and the dealer I bought the jacket from.

    Customer service is pretty important as well when buying gear.