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RST Leathers - Rift/Fusion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by will26, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Just wondering what the prices are in Oz for RST Rift or Fusion leathers? I'm not sure if I should buy them here (Ireland) or wait till I get over to Oz.

    Over there I can get the jacket for $340 roughly. Would that be similar price to them in Oz?

  2. No!
    The Rift jacket was $429, recently reduced to $399.........
    if I remember correctly the pants are, or were, $349

    Should think you'd buy better there or in the UK where they come from.....the only thing to consider is warranty......are you staying or going back??

    Do like the cut of the jacket though :wink:
  3. That's cool. I should be staying for a year max...maybe less. But yeah looks like it'd be cheaper for me to get leathers here and bring them over. Altho I'll still wait to buy a helmet over there.

  4. where are you going to be? full leathers get too hot in many places over here.
  5. I'll be starting in sydney in december. Then from january onwards I'll be heading west to perth through melbourne, adelaide and on to west coast for a few months.

    would textiles be better??
  6. I think textiles with vents would be better. I'd get touring gear.
  7. Sounds sensible to me. I'll looking at touring gear instead so!
  8. I paid $360 for the Rift leather jacket 4 months ago with pretty much no real negotiation.

  9. Cheers! I'm checking out that forum now :cool:
  10. The RST Rift jacket looks great, but, my friend owns one and the stitching is coming undone in places and says the wind cuts straight through it.
  11. I've got the Rift suit and have no problems with construction quality. Being vented at the crotch by the stretch Kevlar panel, and with perforated chest panels, it works very well in hotter weather. Can be cool in winter but nothing a liner doesn't fix. Not bad at all for the money.