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RST jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spacejazz, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Hey folks, long time no post. I read plenty but I have bugger all to add, so I shut up ;)

    I'm actually after a quick bit of advice if I may.

    I bought an RST titanium outlast jacket for a fair price. I got an XL. Felt ok in store but when I got home... blah blah. Anyway it was almost too tight round the girth (ahem) and there was near zero room in the sleeves - by room I mean circumference - particularly the forearms. Both sleeves pinched my inner arms when they were bent more than a few degree's. Pretty uncomfortable.

    So I took it back to try/get the next size up (XXL... WTF!) and it felt much better. Still snug but better. Two blokes at the store said it was too big, two said it wasn't. Pretty confusing really. I'll clarify things by adding that the XL sleeves were tight, the XXL sleeves are almost tight. Snug. The XL waist was more or less tight (I pictured a popped zipper in my future :/) the XXL was snug.

    The "Too big..." comment related to sloppy protectors. They're not that floppy (elbows are the only ones that have any movement).

    Anyway the bastards have me paranoid over a $400 purchase now :( So how the hell should these textile jackets fit?
  2. Your jacket has adjusters on the arms, can you use them to limit the movement of the armour? Liner in or out?

    Every brand and style of jacket will fit differently and it's hard to get a textile jacket that will hold the armour in place perfectly.
  3. With leather - buy the most comfortably TIGHT fit.

    It will loosen/mould/conform to your body over time - quickly if a daily rider, not so if a weekender.

    The daily rider comment is not a hero comment - the more your body heat/oils/sweat/humidity penetrate the leather the more supple and compliant it will become.

    Honestly, new leather should be uncomfortable and TIGHT for at least 2 weeks.

  4. I had a similar issue - went with the larger size, and have been very comfortable with it.

    I ended up getting the RST Titanium Outlast - pretty much top of the range, or so I thought. Unfortunately there are hardly any user reviews on the internet (at least that I could find - but maybe my google-fu needs improving).

    After having mine for a few months now - I'm getting concerned about quality. The jacket design in general itself is great. I love the feel, the comfort, the pockets, etc. The problem is quality. I've had fraying around the top of the neck liner back to the bare foam. in addition to this the entire foam has popped out the front at the neck on the little flap that clips around to the right. This is only after a few months of weekend riding. I haven't come off, or treated the jacket bad in anyway. I was hoping for a $400+ purchase that I'd be getting quality that will last me for years, but now I'm not so sure.

    I'll be asking for repairs under warranty, so will see what happens. I'm really hoping that this is just a once off or a 'bad batch', because I've spent no small sum on the entire RST outfit and I'll be pretty upset if it all ends up going the same way, or I end up having to buy a different jacket later that doesn't match the zip on the pants, etc.
  5. How did this end up going? I've had the exact same problem with my RST Titanium Outlast. It's fraying at the top and foam is sticking out after a few months - no abuse at all - actually, very careful caring for.