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RSPEED Vilnius D4S touring suit (Storm trooper suit)

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Gday guys, time to give my review on the Vilnius D4S touring suit, I should of done this earlier but working 2 jobs now, I didnt have time to sit down and get this thing going

    Right, Heres what I'm reviewing

    RSPEED Vilnius D4S

    Let me start of by saying, this thing is an awesome suit and I'm sure it will be 1 of RSPEEDS best sellers (no bias here)(I don't bullshit, ask the people that know me)

    When i opened the boxes Alessio sent me from Italy, this was the 1st thing i layed my eyes on thinking "what the hell is this" then on closer inspection i said "damn, this aint bad at all"

    Looking over it, i thought you would need a university degree to work out all the features this suit has, but you start enjoying them after knowing where everything is.

    Let me say, this suit will be ideal for our winter here just wearing a singlet underneath the jacket

    Why you ask, 3 layers of warmth all removable with a waterproof layer inside

    Is it suitable for our summer? Yes it is after removing all the layers and also removing the collar, it has so many removable parts it might turn into a jigsaw puzzle when its time to put them back together, but again, you will get familiar with it all after wearing it a few times

    The pants have suspenders and a full zipper from front to back to attach to the jacket like a 2 piece racing suit

    Heres a few features via photos


    The pants

    Showing the suspenders, knee armour and notice the crotch zipper is also covered from behind to give maximum protection from the rain, saves ya willy getting wet :)

    The pants from behind, awesome feature on the buttocks area, full waterproof material so no need wiping the seat when its wet, also shows the elastic material behind the knee

    covered crotch zipper (nice feature but havnt tried going to the toilet yet lol)

    The Jacket

    Where do i start, 10 pockets in total (wow), This is the jacket from behind, notice the large pocket at the bottom, I am told this is to store your gloves, but i would also add it would be a good place to store the internal waterproof layer for when you get caught out in the rain, also has back armour installed

    Another good feature is this pocket window on the left arm, good place to store your phone for gps or mp3, or any paper maps etc etc

    Bit hard to show via pics but heres all the removable layers

    Another shot, shows the internal waterproof layer on the left side, also shows the collar that is removable

    This is just a taste of this review, there is plenty more to come over the weeks, I am yet to test it in the rain to see if all the waterproof stuff works, stay tuned

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  2. reserved for future review
  3. Awesome review, Goz. I wouldn't mind buying something like that myself. :)
  4. wouldnt mind testing that in sunny melb when you finish with it Goz
  5. I think he might be sending 1 to Melb on his next batch (i did say "think") :)
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