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RSPEED Tracker Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by davidp1984, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. I would like to thank Allessio for giving us the opportunity to review his gear.

    I have been using the leather jacket for a week now.

    Initial thoughts is that it is a very light jacket compared to others.

    It is very well stitched and quite stylish (IMO) as it is a simple design, I'm not really a fan of the over the top ones out there. The leather is soft and the jacket is quite comfortable.

    The winter lining works really well, quite warm and comfortable.

    The vents work well, a little too well maybe, as at times it felt like it was parachuting at the back, haven't used it long enough or for long enough rides to really comment on it though as this is just an initial review, my view on this may change.

    The hump does feel a little heavy and big at the back, again, my view may change on this after some more time.

    Overall the jacket is of a quality build and is very comfortable.

    Some pics...




    EDIT* I'll upload some better quality pics another day.
  2. Rode through some rain with it on tonight. Not torrential but enough. Held up surprisingly well. I could feel wetness in the chest area where it's perforated but when I took it off my T-shirt was dry. Would I take it over my waterproof jacket if it was raining? No, but I wouldn't be too upset if I got caught in a downpour during a ride with this jacket.
  3. hi david!!!..
    ok great ...
    first of all water rssitance of matt leather is little better then normal ...so this is why my full range of leather performans very good on water ...compared to non matt colored learthers!

    ok ..then ...consider that this i a top end racign jacket ...so the overall structure and hump is strongly race addicted.. for sure conform will come with a more days of use after braking in ...but for sure it will never be so confort ad a turing style jacket ...
    this jacket must protect and performa ant high speed and during hard riding....

    i'm sure that after take ourt the removable lining and be in direct contact with the 3D Aair Mesh will definitly change the confort and performance condition....

    that's all ...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.