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Rspeed Textile/leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Tone2, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. The jacket that I selected to review is a textile and leather jacket with removable lining, size 54. This is an initial review after a week or so of use.

    As a cruiser rider, I preferred the look of this jacket over others being mainly black with a small amount of light grey reflective piping and some Rspeed logos. The logos are at the forearm, on the velco tab at the neck, and between the shoulder blades (see photos). My preference would be not to have the arm logos, although it wouldn’t be a major issue for me when buying a jacket. Understated is the cruiser thing, and this was the most understated of the jackets on offer.

    The overall design has tight, clean lines and is attractive – it looks good. If it didn’t have the logos on it, you could almost wear it down the street as a fashion jacket and not stand out. When I first picked it up, my initial impression was that it felt good. The construction is unusual, being a leather and textile hybrid. The bulk of the leather runs across the shoulders and on the top of the arms, extending down to the chest and mid-way down the back. It’s really covering the major impact/slide points. The bottom of the jacket is also made of leather, with a Velcro adjuster at each side allowing for a good fit.

    There is armour at the elbows and shoulders (foam with plastic shell) and foam protecting the spine. The foam in the back is a large pad, thicker than in my Dririder textile jacket, one of the first things I noticed and was impressed with.

    The zip-out lining is vest only, without arms. There is also a zip to connect pants, on stretchy material.

    In terms of venting, there are three vents as part of the design – one on each shoulder and one between the shoulder blades. These are quite small and have no way of turning them on/off (they are always open). On the arms, the section facing the front is constructed of two different types of material – one is elasticised, the other is the Cordura the rest of the jacket is made from. This allows cooling for your arms.

    Wearing the jacket
    The jacket fit well and was comfortable. The sleeves zipped up snugly and my gloves slipped easily over them – no fiddling to get the gauntlet over the ends of the sleeves as with my other jackets. On the bike, it sat well and didn’t feel too stiff or dig in anywhere, even though it hasn’t ‘worn in’ yet.

    The weather in Sydney in the past week hasn’t been very extreme – slightly cool to slightly warm. The ride home when I picked up the jacket was the slightly cooler day (maybe 20 degrees), and I left the lining in. It wasn’t too hot, but I was conscious of feeling a little cold on both arms in the exact same spot – near the shoulder, just above the bicep in the Cordura section (as indicated in the photo). The venting didn’t make the jacket too cold, I wasn’t conscious of air coming through the vents.

    On the warmer days (mid to high 20s) I rode without the lining. Again, the jacket was comfortable – it wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cool. I wasn’t conscious of air coming through the vents, but if I shrugged my shoulders I could feel air entering through the neck and exiting at the bottom of the jacket. I would have liked a bit more air coming through, but I didn’t feel sweaty or overly conscious of the heat.

    Overall impressions
    I like the look and feel of this jacket. My major remaining questions relate to its performance in the heat and cold, and the weather in Sydney hasn’t provided the opportunity to test these as yet.

    I suspect that it may be too cold to wear this jacket in winter or cooler days in Autumn/Spring. The zip-out lining doesn’t have arms, and the cold points experienced near the shoulder/bicep would be worse in properly cool weather. Not being able to turn off the vents would add to the cold air entering the jacket, and may lead to cold spots on the shoulders below the vents. It would be interesting to test to see how it performs on a colder day, as it’s just guesswork at the moment.

    On a properly hot day, I think it may not vent well enough. The shoulder vents are quite small and may not deliver enough air on a day in the mid 30s or higher to stop you from being sweaty and possibly uncomfortable, especially on your back where the large foam protector sits. The Cordura elements of the front of the jacket may help with this, and again summer may yet deliver a warmer day to allow this to be tested. I’d like to see some extra zippered vents in the front and rear of the jacket to have the option for more ventilation.

    Overall, I think that there isn’t the ‘perfect’ jacket anywhere. Providing leather sections on a textile jacket provides another option in the heat vs protection debate in choosing a leather or a textile jacket – it provides elements of both in the same jacket. If the more extreme weather isn’t great for this jacket, it could mean it would be a good addition to a wardrobe for the rider who can afford to have several jackets.

    I'm happy to either pass the jacket on for someone else to test, or hold on to it and add to this review as/if necessary.

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  2. Thats a good review. Hope this same design finds it's way to Melbourne as well. Being a cruiser owner, this jacket is Exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. its a nice jacket, i liked it a lot
  4. ....oohh yes ..thats what i expected !....

    the jacket is enginnered in our weather ...and is perfect for our end ofsummer and spring season down till may orjune here is not ore then 25 27 and its perfect ..
    BUT! i will surely think about improving ventilation and extending lining if your Australian condition need it!

    this is exactly what i want from this test ...understand your local needing!

    ....... maybe an additional waterproof breathable membran?? what you think?? of course it will increase the price but....your choice!

  5. Spot on about the waterproof membrane - I hadn't thought about that, but it would definitely be a bonus. Without it, I think it may put some buyers off as it reduces the flexibility of the jacket for a range of weather conditions.
  6. yes the idea is to extend the life of the jacket in the seasons.... but ..consider this jacket as as a sport turer! ... this is really more then a textile jacket do you want the membran on a semi leather jacket?? wecan tolk about it ...or........so... ok ..i'm the first one to make most things .... this will be another ... i'll make it with the membran!!

    First Leather textile jacket with membran....yeah!
  7. OK, after wearing the jacket for another 2 weeks, the only extra comment is +1 to the need for more ventilation for summer. Sydney isn't that hot, but is terribly humid at the moment, so a bit more ventilation would be nice.
  8. OK, happy to pass this on to anyone interested in reviewing it - EUR54 size. I live in the Hills District and work at Toongabbie. Will keep using it until someone else puts their hand up.
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