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Rspeed "Redback" leather jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by cardboardtenant, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. The jacket I am reviewing today is a full leather jacket from Rspeed. I picked this jacket up on Sunday night and have so far taken it for one ride due to the intense rain Sydney is producing at the moment.

    The design on the back lends itself to an Aussie icon (as noted by Tone2) in the redback. For the purposes of this review I will continue with this name. I'm sure Allessio has another name for it.

    Please excuse the photos. Crappy camera.

    Size and Fit:

    The jacket is size 52. For size reference I am 5'10 and 85kgs. Medium athletic build. I usually wear a L size alpinestars jacket or a 42R business shirt.

    On first try out the jacket felt like a snug fit. This jacket appears to be aimed at the semi stylish sportbike rider as it has a semi aggressive style. This jacket looks like it could easily go a few kgs heavier (in the waist and torso) or lighter due to the adjustable straps located on the side.


    If you have broad shoulders but no waist then this will work for you.

    The sleeves are a good length for me. Both of my gloves are gauntlet and cover the ends of the jacket easily.

    I am able to lean forward fairly easily however due to the style of the jacket, it is a little stiff to sit up. This may also be due to the CE armour in the back that I will look at later. Mobility leaning forward is good as the jacket has a lot of stretchable (I'm guessing) Cordura material all over.

    Design and will this bring in the ladies:


    When you first look at the front of the jacket it looks almost entirely black. From when Goz posted up the first photos I thought it was a completely black. On further inspection both of the sleeves have the Rspeed logo embroidered on the forearms as well as the Redback design on the back (also embroidered). The design is still quite sleek and looks a lot nicer when you are on the bike.

    The neck clasp is a velcro grip with Rspeed logo on it. The inside of the zipper has the Rspeed logo as a ticker tape up the seam.


    While I first thought the design on the rear was a bit over the top, once on it mellowed and I feel was quite stylish for either a ride in the mountains or during traffic.

    The sleeves have more of the adjustable cordura material on the inside of the arm all of the way down. The arms both fit me easily enough so felt no need to stretch.

    The zips on the ends of the arms are a YKK zipper and easy to access with gloves on/off. I found the zips both on the chest and sleeves easy to find unlike the pockets. The pockets are near impossible to get to even with gloves off as the leather folds over. I didnt find that annoying at all as I generally don't try to get into my jacket pockets while riding.

    The jacket comes with 2 pockets on the outside of the jacket. Neither are big enough to put your hands in comfortably, though they do fit an iPhone or similar sized accessory.

    The waist and torso adjustments are again surrounded by stretchable material around your lats. Both are a bit stiff to adjust though I wouldn't expect to be moving them much. I pulled them both in around 2 inches while on so despite feeling snug at first, shows how much this jacket stretches with all the cordura material it has.

    On the inside:

    The jacket comes with a quilted vest liner which clips in around your lats and then has a full zipper going from one side of the chest to the other. The vest has a larger pocket on the left side and a smaller house key sized elasticised pocket on the right.


    These two pockets represent the only pockets on the inside of the jacket. Without the liner, there are no pockets to store anything. I find this a bit annoying as I don't trust external pockets if it begins to rain. If it has an internal pocket on the inside of the leather, that would provide the perfect amount of pockets for me.

    Removing the liner you have the following:


    The jacket comes equipped with a CE back protector and two foam chest pads. All can be easily removed from the velcro and mesh holding them in. I'm not one for chest pads and I don't think the foam will help much. This jacket does allow for an upgrade to CE chest armour if you wish. There is also (what feels like) CE armour in the shoulder and elbow areas. All armour holds in place when riding and feels comfortable on me.

    The jacket has a small zipper at the back to attach to some pants. As the zipper is not 360 degrees it can't be used for track days. This is probably only to help for those plumbers cracks out there.


    When I first picked up the jacket I noticed how heavy it was. The leather is very thick in places and the cordura weave seems quite thick too. The jacket has 2 sets of vents, one on top of the shoulders facing forward


    and another around your lats facing back (seen in the 2nd photo).

    The first ride I took this jacket on, was the first day it stopped raining (yesterday) and was a bit muggy. It was still 26 degrees outside at 7pm. I took the vest out and went for an hours ride. Riding with the vents closed I felt no ventilation coming through and I imagine this would be a very hot jacket in full summer. We have barely had a day over 30 in Sydney so far due to all the rain.

    I am yet to go for a good ride with the vents open but will update here when I do. I will probably get out on Friday and see how it goes.

    This jacket will do quite well in the winter when it gets chilly. The vest feels very warm and will keep lots of riders happy. The vest doesn't have any sleeves in it. I don't find my arms get cold in winter so this is a moot point for me.


    The jacket is made of fairly thick leather with no stitching that looks amiss. It looks well made however I am unsure what type of leather it is made of. The leather is not as soft as my A* but feels thicker in places where it counts.

    As mentioned before the jacket is heavier than any other jacket I've picked up and would rival some 1PC suits I've carried. I'm hoping this means it would withstand more punishment but I'm not going to test that out!

    If you're a weekend or daily rider, this jacket would suit the sport touring or sport bike riders out there. It is not a relaxed fit and would not go well with cruisers.

    While the jackets first impression is a bit over the top, it's blends well and has been well thought out. It is a nice fitting jacket fitting a range of sizes due to the adjustable straps and stretchable material. Once people put it on I'm sure they will see it as a nice jacket.

    Pending a price point from Allessio I would say this jacket would be priced well going from the other jackets so far.

    I will update my review over the next couple of weeks as the jackets loosens up and I get a bit more time on the bike (if it ever stop raining!)

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  2. Update: One week in

    Ok I have now ridden with the jacket for 4 rides now and I come up with a few things I have liked and disliked as below. It looks like rain for the next 8 days again so not sure how much reviewing I'll do on the jacket given I'll probably wear my waterproof for the rain.

    -The venting seems to work well in mild/warm times. The hottest was 28 degrees while riding with a humidity of around 85%. The vents in the shoulders were really good in the fact the air came over your shoulders and around your shoulder blades. With the neck all zipped up I was getting a nice breeze under my arms cause of this. +1 on thinking this out. I had both the shoulder vents and back vents open to help the air flow through the jacket.
    -The adjustments were easy to move while riding. I had tightened all the straps too much. It ended up hugging my mid back and mid waist leaving the stretchy material in the middle to rise up and muffin top. I only realised while stopped int traffic and proceeded to adjust them whilst on the bike.

    -The material on the collar feels like a wet velour material and rubs annoyingly on the base of my helmet. It causes a horrible sound that I can only liken to rubbing your teeth with your finger. Being that it's doing it to the helmet means I get "stereo sound" teeth rubbing. If this could be removed for future versions I would look at it as I tend to look around when riding and it does it every time I move my head.
    - the elbow armour gets a bit uncomfortable if you're not riding bent elbows all the time. Was not good for riding in traffic after 45 mins.

    Overall still a nice jacket in the mid price point. I am guessing that Allessio would price this betwen $350-$500. Stand to be corrected thought.
  3. (y) it does look good. I like.
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