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RSpeed Gloves. Size 12 XXL

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Finn, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. After trying the size 10 (Large) and finding them a little too snug, I was given the opportunity to try the XXL size 12.
    My appologies for the short review. But these gloves are identical except for the fit. The XXL gloves offer the exact same protection and features as their smaller counterpart.
    Here's a link to my review on the Large, Size 10.

    Normally I wear a Large glove so was surprised that they were too small.
    Once the correct size is found, for me it was X2 sizes up, they are very comfortable, fitting me well and are a pleasure to ride in.
    I would definately reccomend RSpeed Gloves. Price dependant of course.

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  2. hi FINN
    i already tell the the price on the otjher posts ....around 100 euro
    considering other brand same safty tech gloves are over 200 euro!.....you got a good products to choose from..
  3. 100 euro is pretty pricey here in Australia, currently about $120 AU.
  4. Doubt it.

    A* GP series are in the $200+ range in Australia.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  5. ...... exactly what i say!...... what you buy at 120????
  6. Well if you had sent the melbourne shipment as promised then I can see for myself!!!!
  7. well...now that dydney's guys finish the test they can ship to you!
  8. I'll be doing a group ride today so I'm happy to "pass them around" at stops, then pass them on at the end of the day but I'm not paying for postage to anywhere. Especially interstate.
    That was never part of any deal. (Talk about add ons.)
    The way this is going, I'll be glad to have them out of my house.
  9. So you reneged on the initial agreement then?
    The Sydney guys have to pay to ship them to melbourne?
    That's NOT what you promised and believe me there are quite a few pissed off people in Melbourne who think that you are not as honest as you made out.
    Melbourne and Sydney climates are different and the reviews were going to be different, since no one owns the gear why should they have to pay to ship them interstate?
    that puts them up to $30 out of pocket per item depending on the size!
  10. Thats NOT going to happen
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.