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RSpeed Gloves Review - Size Large 10.

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Finn, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Here's a quick review on the RSpeed Glove. Sorry for the delay in writing this. (Fanily commmitments).

    The glove is constructed of Leather & Kevlar materials. With plastic/composite hard armour on palm, wrist, knuckles and fingers.

    I had worn these gloves pretty much every day since collecting them. And generally found them to very comfortable and reassuring even though they were too small for me.
    I thought the gloves might stretch, they're ony new...etc. so they have been passed on to 20K to review.
    I'll be collecting the XXL Size 12 as soon as possible (family commitments).

    I'm really looking forward to testing the larger size, as even though these were a little too snug I really liked them.

    The "impact/slider knob" on the palm of the glove sits snugly behind the throttle/hand grip which tends to make the hand bury itself into the glove. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, if the glove is big enough.
    There are two of these knobs. One on the heel of the hand and one to the side.

    The glove is soft from the get go, feeling like it's already "broken in". Not stiff like many other brands. It's comfortable to ride with and offers plenty of protection with the two slider knobs, wrist wrap and conjoined pinky/ring fingers. I didn't think I'd like the conjoined fingers at all but it felt very comfortable and was never ever an issue. In fact, I liked it by day two.

    The wrist wrap armour affords loads of adjustment via three velcro straps.
    The first is a thin strap located at the wrist joint. This strap really does feel like it secures the glove to the hand, without any interference with motion. The other two straps secure the hard armour. One strap end attaches to the glove providing a tight fit to the lower forearm and the other strap on top of this secures the armour to the glove.
    The glove really does secure to the hand well.
    I'm not sure if it's because the glove was a little small, but I can't see this piece of equipment moving around in the event of a crash.
    The wrist armour feels very strong and appears to give good impact protection.

    The knuckle protection is pronounced and appears to be solid giving loads of material to wear through before exposing any flesh.
    The fingers are vented with visible mesh and the end sections have carbon fiber inserts.
    The two fingers closest to the thumb have grip pads on the finger tips as is on the palm itself and inside of thumb. This is quite effective.

    Over all I'd rate this glove 7/10. I'm confident that it would get a high 9 if it was the right size.
    I normally wear a Large size so I honestly thought the glove would fit ok.
    I'm really looking forward to testing the larger size. This is a great glove.

    Well done Alessio. =D>
    Please provide me with a price for these gloves. I'd be happy to buy a pair.

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  2. Two more pics.

    Thanks for reading.

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  3. I wonder if they are aware that Alpinestars has a patent over the 3rd->4th finger webbing .
  4. You see it everywhere though......

  5. in which country ? or global ?
  6. It might be "the way" A* join the finers, not the fact that they do join the fingers.
    I just know that I was surprised to find that not only did I not hate it, but I quite liked it.
  7. Patents are pretty easy to get around. Only small changes required.
  8. Yep - only need to have 10% difference, IIRC. Could be different stitching, slightly wider/thinner strips of leather etc etc
  9. Ant, come get the other pair, stop playing with your dick :)
  10. I'll stop in tomorrow after work.
  11. my RST gloves have the same feature.

    Those rspeed gloves look the part. any idea on pricing?
  12. Damn fine looking gloves those...
  13. very nice gloves, looks and feels the part
  14. yeah guys ...the pantent is on the way they do it ...but you find finger joints in almost 5-6 brands! ....

    i see from the finn photos the size is too small ... also if you can fit them because of the extremely flexible desgn at the end they are small.. i see it from the scaphoid palm protectors position ..too high! anyway .... list price is 100 euro ....

    as soon as you will find me a distributor we can tolk about netrider discount!! ahahahaahaha


    p.s i wasn't able to ship you the Gamma high End gloves ..1 level above this one with special elastic kevlar keprotec features ..Original Knox SPS protectors etc ....
    so to let you know that this is not my best glove!...
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  15. any news on the test with the right size???
  16. no,,,,
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