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Rspeed black,whiteand red jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by mr zeft, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys I’m testing the RSpeed black jacket with red and white stripes.

    I got given an RSpeed race jacket to test out .It’s very nice, warm, it is a winter and summer jacket and is very comfortable. The jacket has three colours and they are: white, black and red. The jacket has soft leather and has good protection but is not good for the rain because it is not water proof.

    My other jacket was black leather and comfortable but it was loose and didn’t have as much protection as the RSpeed jacket that I am testing out. I am comfortable with the jacket I am testing because it is nice and fitted as my black leather jacket was a nice casual jacket and was a bit loose.

    My black leather jacket is a size 54 which is a perfect fit on me while the RSpeed jacket is a size 52 and the arm length is just a bit too short for me.

    What I like most about the RSpeed jacket is that is has very good protection for e.g. it has two elbow pads, two forearm pads, a back plate and it has two shoulder vents , two forearms zippers that open and close so that air can flow through the jacket.

    this is the jacket im trying out


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  2. hope you all can see the pics
  3. cant see the pics
  4. Sending you a PM dude.
  5. more pic

    shoulder vents
  6. From someone who watching these reviews with interest; as a whole; i am liking the sound of the higher ventilation: as I am viewing these as more of a Track-day set, but comfortable enough to use on occasion for the odd Ride around Town. I am not much of a fan of the branding flashed everywhere: on that side, most of the Products I have seen have been noticable, but not too heavy on the eye.

    All have mentioned the high Quality: this is obviously something that is looked upon favourably and goes with the Higher-end side of casual wear, I guess. The fact that some claim it feels a little light compared to other Jackets only comes across as a positive for me, figuring lighter = more comfortable. From a saftey standpoint: it it passes the tests to get approved: the "feel" shouldn't be a factor, if it performs up to par: maybe it's just better Technology?

    I gotta say I have been thoroughly impressed by the fact that a Company has gone about spreading the word through the COMMUNITY of the market they are aiming at, rather then just going for the whole flood the market and advertising blitz style.

    I'll definatly be looking out for the Rspeed brand.
  7. yeah.... mr zeft ...from the photos i see the sleevelenght is perfect!!... don 't think perfect lenght got to touch the hands...becaause perfect is ....when the jacket sleeve is up the Wrist bone!...to left it free for movment! and the gloves cover the rest!

    this si my otehr top end street racing jacket so togheter with the tracker thats a race jkacket performs at high speed and hard srteet riding condition with a lot of elasticity for performance and confort!

    X choofalong...
    i have to thanks you ,.because you catch exactly the spirit of my products and understand what we are doing ....
    i'm telling from the beginning it was too easy to flood you market with products nobody have ever see and just spend money on undvertising it at best .... sorry i dont' think people are stupid ....they are able to understand and see where is th quality and where not!.... this is why i'm here!

    thanks !
  8. I dont see too much perforations on the front of that jacket...............im guessing this would get quite warm during summer. Personally, I like my jackets cooler............

    The fabric on the arm and down the sides wont be enough to make it coolish in summer IMO.........
  9. There are a lot of seems on that jacket... and none of them look too great in comparison to my Gimoto suit. Where are these leathers made?
  10. the jacket already have shoulder air vent , sleeve vented zipper and back extractors ... but is of course till spring.... for Summer we have the Perforated version!

    X unconnected
    i'm not her to make any comparison is a review ....BUT!... Gimoto make the standard single safty stitching ...here i got the double External stitching this is why you see so much! and to be honest ...you see my stitching is perfect ..parallel..no waves !.... i have check some other brands it seems to be in the OCEAN!! .... the quation is ..to make a good stitching need time ...and time is money ...not all brands are interested in pay more .....

    i already told in the first thread that we got our OWN manufacturing unit in italy and in pakistan.... we manufacture in italy the special style or pilot suits and some brands products who want made in italy .... standard is made in pakistan its only made ....as you see technology ...leather ...kevlar ....etc are all italian and european ..shoeller is swiss made! ..thread is UK made etc..
  11. What are you talking about? We repair race suits of all brands every day of the week and are convinced Gimoto make the safest suits around. Every safety seam is either double hidden stitched or triple stitched. Gimoto are true innovators, they make the only suit in the world to have CE2 approval for the entire garment.

    Double external stitching??? Don't make me laugh.
  12. one moment...

    we are tolking about jackets ...in the race suits i also make several stitghing inside outside and also with hiddend technology flipped inside and outside
    but this is not the point ..

    Gimoto is a great manufacturer and is italian ...for sure he know howto build a suit ...

    when i'm tolking about single safty i was tolking about external ...and i was just explaining why he see so many stitching around

    please dont' tolk bad of my word ...since i come here to be open to any discoussion ...

    for CE2 ...we are working in another direction ....

    and Gimoto is 30 years old ....we are 2 years old.... so ... let me work on it....then we will tolk again later!

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