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RSPCA Million Paws Walk 18th May

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mustlovebikes, May 9, 2008.

  1. Just seeing if anyone from Netrider is doing this. I plan on going to the Sydney one.

    If you dont know what it is please check out


    I have done it previous years and it is a very family orientated day.

    Also the Sydney one has the 2008 Service Dog Awards, so the police, corrective services and military dogs will be competing in offender apprehension and drug search competions.

    Dont worry if your own dog is not that friendly with other dogs, they are all on lead and are often a bit overwhelmed at seeing 1000 other dogs, so tend to stick to their owners.

    PM me if anyone wants to meet up to do the walk in a group.

    (YES YES I know Sunday is a popular riding day, but seeing all the pictures people posted of their dogs in another thread made me think there are lots of dog lovers out there in netrider land)
  2. Thanks for the reminder.... I'm going to the Katoomba one
  3. As a formal demo, or just on random members of the crowd? :grin:

    Don't forget your placcy bags and wto wear shoes without deep treads :LOL: .
  4. lol PatB

    Actually they have Poo Fairys to go round and clean up after the dogs.....Im serious!!

    The service dog thing is not a display, its a competion, so unless your dressed in a full bite suit then I doubt the dogs will show you much interest, unless your carrying the good stuff in your pocket :eek:
  5. #5 Faramir, May 12, 2008
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    Are you a dog trainer mustlovebikes? How do you get dogs to jump between poles. I had troubles with the basics.

    I might send my next dog to this school

    This trainer seems very good. :LOL:
  6. Well that was real productive. Now I can't get that "shadow, bone, tree, car..." out of my head!