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RSI sufferers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gibbz, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I suffer from severe RSI from working with computers all day.
    Just wondering if anyone on these forums suffer from RSI.

    Im interested as it affect my riding, Ive only been riding for 2 months, however some days its ok others its pretty bad.
    Mainly sitting at the light having to hold the clutch in can get very painful.

    Im looking at going back to a scooter because it causes so much pain. Is there anything I can do to my bike to make it easier on the wrist/palms?
  2. You learn to ignore the pain.
    I have it more in my right hand, so longer trips with constant throttle settings kill me.
    As you would know, once the pain starts not too much can be done.
    Your best bet is to play around with the clutch and brake lever adjustments, and find what feels most comfortable for your particular hand/forearms.
    I get RSI right up my right forearm, from hands to elbow so I really can't work around it when it starts up, especially being the right arm! Anything that requires tightening of my hand will eventually set it off in my case.
    Some people like the wetsuit material braces for the wrist, it might work well under gloves, so maybe try that (with oversize gloves).
    I have been known to strap my wrist and lower forearm up at times on teh bike with a tight bandage, it helps a bit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I have nerve and tendon damage in both wrists.

    The left is bearable, but the right can be excruciating :evil:

    I tried everything, bar risers, different bars, wrist straps and supports. In the end, for about $10, the Throttle Rocker made a HUGE difference.

    I couldn't ride for more that 5 or 10 minutes before copping the unbearable pain. Now I can manage a few hours in one stretch.

    At only 10 bucks, it's worth a try :)
  4. Yep, same cause as you. Fortunately mine hasn't adversely affected my riding, as yet, but I do get RSI in my right wrist & fingers, particularly my clicker finger. :p

    What bike are you riding? Some have lighter clutches than others - might help. There's also clutchless shifting, once moving, that reduces how much you use your left hand.
  5. Maybe try those weight lifting wrist braces?
  6. I had problems a few years back and got a voice recognition program for my computer so I could talk to it rather than type. Took a while but i'm OK now and can ride and type without pain.
  7. I have bad lower arm pain and I find that a few thing help.

    A throttle rocker (already suggested) works good.
    http://www.bluerim.com.au/Throttle Rocker.htm

    A vista cruise throttle lock works good too.

    I prefer a vista cruise to a throttle rocker but many people are the reverse, use whatever works best.

    Another thing that can help is a set of large soft aftermarket handgrips, big foam soft ones or larger soft rubber ones can reduce the vibration and road shock that gets transmitted to ones arms.

    Also you _need_ to get a bike with a riding position that takes the strain, pressure and weight off your lower arms. That is the main reason I ride a Bandit 1200S. The Hornet 900, XJR1300 & GSX1400 (and many others) offer similar low strain riding positions.

    That pretty much rules out super sporty race replica type bikes for most people with lower arm problems (unless they aren't very severe).

    Yamaha also sell semi automatic bikes (clutchless) FJR1300 which means no clutch to hold in, might be worth checking out. Aprillia are releasing a clutchless 750 (not sure if it's out yet).
  8. Mick Doohan has broken damn near every bone in his body and still rides.
    If you can't ride on account of your white collar occupation, you just may be a pussy.
  9. :jerk:
  10. Is that how you originally got your RSI? :p
  11. Maybe, what's it to you!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/rsi

    Just thought I'd pos that for you, OutbreakMonkey. Seems you don't actually know what RSI is, given your comparison to broken bones.
  13. develop your squeeze muscles.
    repetitive strain, to me, is injury from overworking underdeveloped muscles placing extra strain on tendons etc.
    get a hand squeezer thingo and do it all the time.
  14. are you sure it is rsi? I thought I suffered from rsi until I switched my work style and found out it was carpel tunnel.

    Switch mouse hands, it will take a short while to get the coordination, but if the pain dissipates a small amount over a couple of weeks(it won't completely go away that quickly) you might only have carpel tunnel. If the pain only gets worse and progresses up your arm and back/neck.. it is probably rsi ...the bad news is there is no cure but rest.

    if it is carpel tunnel you can fix it by using a huge amount of gel padding everywhere you work, use it where you rest your wrist, which will open then nerve tunnel. and rest also helps.

    alternatively you can ask outbreakmonkey to teach you how to be all blue collar and tough.
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    no need to ask outbreakmonkey, unkIVvjZc9Y[/media]]here is a short instructional video that will have you well on the way to the strength and ability that working class australia possesses ;)
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    :LOL: :LOL:

    spot on :LOL:
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  18. Hey, I damaged my right hand/wrist about a year and half ago and still get pain on and off (mostly from resting on my wrist in the flexed position),
    you reckon that may be aggrovated by riding (still looking for a bike at this stage)?
    While this is not RSI as such i thought I would post it here, I am looking to get a wrist brace,
    any particular type recommended?

    I've been looking at getting a Bandit 250, it does have a slightly sporty posture not too hunched, how is that on the back?
  19. my sister has a pretty severe typing injury. she cant play the guitar 5 years later.

    this is VERY SERIOUS and you have to act on it asap. the soon the better for the long term.

    if its carple tunnel you can have surgery.

    if its tenosignovitis [spelt wrong] u need to rest it.

    the problem starts in the shoulder of the effected arm. if u shrug ur shoulders up [tense] the nerve and blood supply will be restricted to the arms and hands.

    massage works well.

    physio manipulation massage and th asian one i forget what its called. massage the blood supply around.

    time will heal if u rest ur hands. dont agrivate them.

    IM REALLY SORRY but u should get a scooter oor a car until its better.
  20. Unfortunately, that would be incorrect Joel. I have developed RSI in my right arm from overloading the tendons and joints repeatedly doing similar movements over many years. I have a right forearm like Popeye!
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is an inflammation of teh tendons that pass through a small openign at the base of the wrist joint. Once the carpal tunnel tendons start to become inflamed, they rub against each other and teh surrounding joint and can cause immense pain. The surgery to repair it involves cutting anothe tendon that runs across these main tendons to the hand to allow more room for the hand tendons in the joint area.
    Luckily for me, I have left the trade I developed the injury in, but it will still flare up on some days when riding, or when turning spanners on the car or bike for a day or more at a time. I can get to the stage some mornings, that I barely have enough grip strength to hold up a bowl of cereal, in spite of having a leg of Lamb for a forearm! :LOL: Fortunately, with some use in the mornings, it comes good.
    Repetitive strain injuries that involve tendons are a serious problem and affect many people, tennis elbow being a good example, and also related to Carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendon injuries like this never really go away, they are just managed and will flare up on you when you repeat the movement.
    However, some people do over work a muscle now and then and consider it an RSI, it is not. An RSI is something that will reappear when certain repetitive movements are carried out, not muscle strain.

    Regards, Andrew.